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  • glamorous makeup
  • slimmed down physique

Say what now???

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I was thinking the same thing! This reporter is looking at the wrong trainwreck or something.

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Ikr, I laughed so hard the whole way through that article

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I looked her up and WOW. She destroyed her life. Husband gave her a shitload of money and a million dollar house in the divorce and she gave it all away to some guy who claimed to love her then she got fat

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I got secondhand depression just reading about her

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We've seen plenty fit to fats here but Jesus, this is the biggest fall I've seen.

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Yeah it's a wild ride that's for sure!

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wow I don't know who this model is so I seriously thought it was Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

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"... went to the store to buy milk ..." Ummmmmmm, no... Moët is a fucking sparkling wine... It should read "obeast rolls out of bed and waddles down to the corner store to buy champagne so she can continue wallowing in self pitty."

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Yeah, see, the first time she wore the sheet in public she was getting milk.

This article is about her second trip out of the house looking like a trashy lunatic. This time she bought the Moët.

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Lol I love this one, this is exactly right.

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https://archive.fo/vyJqr :

Tziporah Malkah steps out in her underwear and a pink sheet again | Daily Mail Online

'The 44-year-old was spotted outside a Sydney bottle shop wearing just a pink sheet and her underwear. '

'Tziporah completed her bizarre ensemble with a pair of fluffy slippers and a matching clutch. '

'After stepping out in the bizarre ensemble to pick up milk at a service station in early July, Tziporah donned the baffling look again to purchase a bottle of pink Moet. '

'Former supermodel Tziporah Malkah stopped traffic for all the wrong reasons on Saturday night. ', "After wearing the same outfit earlier this month at a service station, Tziporah defended her choice of late-night ensemble, telling The Daily Telegraph: 'I am too old to care. ''I feel like the most boring person in the world."

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It's official, fats have lost any and all sense of shame. Ffs if you can fix your makeup you can shimmy into a pair of ill fitting pants and a t-shirt, or at least a mumu.

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That's slimmed? Do I even want the "before" picture?

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She's been an absolute disaster for years. A shame really, in the 90's she was gorgeous.

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