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I have four obeasts who are dying for my husband and I to start having children. They’re not dying fast enough.


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I've got into big fights with my mother about this even though she's not fat. Boomers get sucked into the media stupidity just like the young adults do. "This is not the same stuff you gave me when I was a kid." "It doesn't matter what you think anyway. I'm the parent so I make the divisions." Luckily my wife comes from an asian country with standards so she agrees with me. Of course my mother thinks she can buffalo the passive asian woman into siding with her. Nope it doesn't work like that. She's polite not passive. There's a difference you know. Also the other bonus of having a foreign wife is that the mother in law lives 8000 miles away.

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Mil is fat actually.


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This is precisely the reason my in laws wont be babysitting. My parents live in a different country but I probably wouldn't trust them either as they are stupid know it alls about every goddamn thing.


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My husband and I tried to give our eldest son healthy food. The moment he started solids my parents ruined it all by giving him sugar. We needed our son over at their house sometimes overnight because of circumstances. By age 2 my husband gave up and started feeding my eldest son sugary stuff along with some fruit and veggies here and there, but the sugar amount was insane.

I hated it.

Shortly before age 2.5 I witnessed my son throwing a huge fit because he wanted more lollipops. He had 5 that day and he wanted MORE. That’s when it hit me how badly he became addicted to sugar, and even with all the exercises he was doing — he was fattening up into overweight territory.

After our second son was born, around that same time, we quit sugar. We also stopped bringing him over to my parents house. They had zero respect for our parenting choices.

It was pretty tough but we turned our son around, my biggest fear was our second son getting addicted to sugar because his big brother was eating it too.

Not anymore. The only sugar they have is the occasional dark chocolate square or fruit.

Oh and ham parents REEEEd like hell, even tried getting others involved with convincing us to let our sons stay over. No dice. I told ham mom that SHE and my grandma are more than welcome to come over but I am no longer allowing our sons to sleep over. Guess how many times she came over? 🙄

Maybe 3-4x a month. Which is pathetic because ham mom lived across the street from us. We moved away from that apartment complex and now she sees them less, REEEing that we are too far and we need to move closer. Pffft. She had the chance, not our fault she was too lazy to drive the 3-5 minutes to our place.

My eldest is now around 5 years old and youngest about 2.5, they aren’t addicted to sugar anymore, are my little shit littles and I’m proud of them.


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Holy shit, that was depressing to read. Guessing the grandparents are fupamonsters?


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Oddly enough they aren't. They're slightly overweight 70-year-olds, but neither of them are obese. Pretty sure most of their calories come from sweets too though.


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Sugar in high doses is poison. Most snack foods qualify.


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It is important that they eat. The way we used to enforce that was by denying kids sweets until they ate what was good for them. Parents used to do the parenting, not the children.


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Might better worry more about the parents. I'm a grandparent with three grands. There is no way wife and I would feed them even a fraction of what their parents feed them. The Twinkie monsters masquerading as parents have not one clue about how to feed these guys. Time at my home is limited they'll have years eating the trash their parents give them. We also deal with discipline problems differently but thats another thread altogether. How my daughter learned this is beyond my scope of comprehension, she didn't get this from her mother and I and thats a fact.


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Government Education?


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The grands no, private school that we pay for. The mother yes, she is in her 30s and homeschooling wasn't a thing 20 years ago. She learned this shit on her own with her not worth a shit fatass husband, not from us.

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