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Like the great philosopher, Ludacris once said: Move bitch, get out the way. Get out the way bitch, get out the way.

I don't know how these guards can tolerate the bullshit they have to deal with. I would go on a murder spree before the first 15 minutes are over.

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LOL. Upvote for you, take it!

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Fat attention-whore gets denied. Sweet.

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These look like chinese tourists. They are the worst form of human garbage youll ever find. They dont think the rules apply to them: they cut in line, demand everything, refuse to pay (steal), are loud and obnoxious, and will let their spawn defecate in the streets. When encountered, the only thing they respond to is physical violence.

They really are subhuman filth. A lot of them are smallfats too, but compared to American tourists, that’s almost a compliment.

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You're certainly a pleasant person. And yet unverified, I wonder why?

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You're right, it's about time I got verified.

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I love me some fat on fat violence. I especially like the look on her face after she got shoved. Porky what did you expect?

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it always brings a smile to my face to see equality females are always clamoring about

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CantstopLOLing THANK YOU!!!

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We need to do something about this Fat-On-Fat crime.

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Yeah totally! We need to make sure that it happens far more often and film it. Imagen how fun it would be if I could find enough of it to make a daily post about it.

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