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The accuracy is disturbing. I've had way too many fats crying to me about how much it doesn't matter how little they eat and how much they exercise, they are still unable to lose weight. I've no idea how they expect us to respond.

We roll our eyes reading their bullshit on the internet, it's disconcerting when it happens in person.

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it makes it very difficult not to be rude when you can literally calculate what you need to do to gradually become healthy

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In 15 years I have done a 180 on this, once I worried about hurting their feelings, now I can’t wait for the idiot blurbs to spout some idiocy like that, so that I can go in for the killing. And when they say “Not anybody can be like you”, I literally go bersek. YES, YOU WITLESS SACK OF CELLULITIS, everybody can be like me, I AM NORMAL. I work for it. And it is not particularly hard either, just looking at them makes avoiding trash food and exercising VERY easy.

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It's just eat less. The fats will do anything to convince themselves that it's more complex, or that eat less is somehow less true for them; it isn't. When you tell them that they just get mad and scream made up words at you. They honestly believe that forcing people into a corner where we nod and smile with their bullshit is enough to justify their incredibly rude behavior.

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I have to eat dirty or I lose weight with the volume of my training.

It's one thing if you're a cardio-averse dirty-bulker who only does heavy, low-volume sets.

It's another if you lead an active lifestyle and mix in rock climbing, trail running, and higher volume weight training, e.g. GVT or Sheiko methodology.

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No dude you don’t have to eat dirty. All you have to do is eat more ”clean” foods.

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I'm the same way. I practice my fencing literally every day for 2-3 hours. During school and during summer break. I burn a LOT of calories and if I do not replenish them I lose weight and muscle tone which makes me LESS flexible which is doom for a fencer.

I don't eat fast or processed food, but my caloric intake is more than a normal person BUT my expenditure is also Chernobyl levels.


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Depends. If he's got a high TDEE, and only dirty bulks one meal a day he'll be fine. I "have" to dirty bulk one of my meals everyday because there is only so much chicken breast, olive oil, and vegetables I can eat in one day and it's an easy way to hit my calories for the day.

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For sure. Those that don't work out may not realize how difficult it is to get all your calories from "clean" eating. You have to eat dirty every so often because you simply can't force eat the huge volume of clean food you need. If you're on gear things get a lot easier, apparently.

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This is stupid. "Strongfat" logic AKA the male equivalent of HAES. I bet the person who made this looks like this.

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Oh god no one actually thinks that's muscle do they?

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Dudes got zero definition and prob an extra 100lbs of fat on his body, but he's one of those strong fats that probably actually can squat in the 400s, bench in the 300s but can't touch the toes, see his penis, or go up a flight of stairs. Way too many of these things at my gym.

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That faggot has no definition whatsoever.

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Except it's a shitton of extra effort to work off a bad diet. Needs more of the dude spending lots of time just keeping active in addition to the working out.

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One thing I've learned from years of calorie counting is you can't outtrain a bad diet unless you're Michael Phelps and train 8 hours a day. Our bodies are brutally energy efficient.

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I would add a section what they think vs reality where a fatty eats salads, still not loosing weight vs in reality fatty put a ton of greasy mayo in it so why it is not loosing weight.

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Common, you're killing me. How the fuck do people keep getting lose confused with loose? Loose = something that jiggles. Lose = something is gone.

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I'm sorry, I can only guess the fact english is not my first language is not helping. I did not know loose was used for that.

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Btw you can nullify your exercise benefit if you eat too much junk. Diet and exercise go hand in hand

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the bottom part should have the fat eating in all 3 panels.

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