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Okay aside from the most ridiculous part of this story, what kind of retard buys a food item because it has some cartoon character on the packaging??? What is she six? And I'm sorry if this offends anyone but Minions are for the lowest common denominator. Go to Walmart and gaze at all the Minion tshirts and paraphernalia worn by the white trash obese riff raff.

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Minions are the spawn of Satan and would easily fit into a sequel to Idiocracy.

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They really would. I just don't get the appeal. Back in the 90s the fat trash seemed to gravitate towards anything Looney Tunes, now it's Minions.

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I.. bought specific soups and cereal because it had Star Wars characters on it :(.

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I assume you mean pre-Disney Star Wars? In other words good Star Wars, which is acceptable.

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It's this generation's Tweety Bird

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Hello kitty is my cryptonite. When I found kinder eggs with hello kitty toys on my last trip, I may have bought a dozen....

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Even their fantasies are oversized.

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And then Albert Einstein came out and apologized for discussing the relationship of mass and energy

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Another absurd fat fantasy

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It has to be real. If it was fake, everyone would have clapped.

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The dad was clapping.

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I was there I was the kid

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I was there I was Beetusven playing a harmone

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The stupid made my eyeballs hurt. No three year old talks that way. No dad encourages their three year old to go up to bitchy fat strangers. An we all know she looks like she child-eati g bitch.

And most doctors aren't shopping with the fam at 3pm on a weekday in Walmart. Especially not seeking out troubled water buffalo to uplift their spirits.

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God, where do I start?

A - This never happened, like not even a little bit. Fatty went to the mart of Wals, saw the cookies and other shit, threw it all in her cart and waddled off.

B - While waddling through the aisle and shoving more garbage into its cart, fatty saw a person glance in her direction. Fatty perceived this as a microaggression because they're insecure about their bodies, as they should be. A simple glance in their direction will have them agonizing over every possible scenario in their head, making them the hero and you the villian.

C - Fatty concocts this stupid ass story for internet points and to make itself feel better about something it never happened. Perhaps it knows it shouldn't be eating shit food by the truckload and it's trying to justify its shit diet, who knows.

D - Gut bacteria is a thing, but its not going to make you obese. Scientists and MD's alike know what makes people fat, there's no medical mystery here. Too many calories and not enough energy expenditure. The red m&m had nothing to do with it.

E - Who in their right mind would believe this? Like fatty really thinks we are to believe it waddled around Walmart, depleting its precious sugahs, calling out "who does the nine year old in the blue shirt and cargo pants belong too? The one with his dad?? I need to find his mother!!" like come the fuck on, this shit isn't even believable anymore.

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All true. When we see fats at Walmart they are usually slow AF and gasping for breath bc getting around is almost impossible. So they aren't chasing anybody down. And they are so focused on themselves or their brat kids they don't even realize people are looking at them...if anybody is. Which they probably aren't, bc fat fucks are standard issue at Walmart. Fat fiction like this just reiterates how mendacious fats are about every aspect of their lives.

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mendacious [men-dey-shuh s] adjective

  1. telling lies, especially habitually; dishonest; lying; untruthful: a mendacious person.

Neat word

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Um, I don’t know where you get off assuming things about this person. Right from the start you just go off saying things like “waddle”. I seriously just can’t even. Everybody knows that beautiful, plus sized goddesses use SCOOTERS.

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Omg, you're absolute right! How ablest of me to assume this fierce beast of a femayo can actually waddle. I'll be right back, I gotta go check my privilege quick.

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Do they really believe people will believe that shit

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holy shit this could only fly in a fat circle jerk

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