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My diagnosis is that you must have eaten some of the same gum that Violet did in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Same symptoms too.

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Best comment of the day.

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I can diagnose that you can't climb stairs two at a time.

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I can diagnose that you can’t climb stairs


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Hey it’s violet Beauregard all grown up!

Oh and the HAES cow quoted on the board behind it is Marylin Wann who was also quoted saying this..

...being fat [is] like [...] being short or tall, or black or brown. These are facts of identity that cannot and should not be changed. They are birthright.

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Same thing with chain smokers, but that doesn't make it a healthy option.

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That's the thing people often ignore about unhealthy actions - it is all about probability.

Just because a few people had no problems doesn't mean smoking or being fat didn't greatly increase the chances that they get sick, it's just that they got lucky.

If you're fat with no health problems, it is because you're lucky, you have good genetics that prevented disease for now, not because you can be healthy at any size.

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You're healthy at every size until your habits catch up to you sooner or later. Then you start moving the goal posts of what you consider healthy until you can't live without medication and can't sleep without a machine to breathe for you. Then you die of a random tragic illness definitely caused by family history and not your weight problem.

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Sometimes I think that the whole FA (lack of) movement is just a network of normies masterfully trolling fph et al because something so absurd cannot possibly be true. It's just one big hoax designed to test our society's credulity.

Then I realize the pics can not possibly be 'shopped, the obeasts and tumblrinas are 4 realz, and a widespread conspiracy to generate a few smiles or laughs isn't plausible.

Because I see them in the wild.

Like this hideous obeast.

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It’s as wide as the motherfucking screen

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“You can’t know just by looking at it that I totaled my car!”

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You can also diagnose lack of self control, laziness, pain in all the joints, uncomfortable at any temperature, on any seating surface, difficulty sleeping and breathing, gonna be some hygiene issues from lack of reach, blood/glucose is now oil/glucose.

likely has a bunch of things we can't visually see, but these are at a glance.

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Don't forget the smell!!

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