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I like your writing style. I’d love to hear more stories.

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oh shit covfefe! Haven't heard that awesome word in a while.

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Can't agree more.

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What I don't get is that people with certain conditions, like kidney failure, are legally forbidden from driving yet morbid obesity isn't? When their gunts are pushing against the steering wheel, that should be a sign that something is wrong and it's not the vehicle's fault. And when they're so fat that their eyes are sunken by surrounding fat deposits (ala Tammy Slaton), they shouldn't drive.

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I also wonder how they can move their foot from the gas to the brake. Do they drive with a foot on each pedal? Always so many questions when they jam themselves into vehicles on 600 lb Life. They shouldn't be allowed to drive, so unsafe for the rest of us on the road.

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Someone said they use pedal extenders that are originally designed for short people. The extenders are adjusted in a way for fats to use their legs without forcing them to get close against each other due to the fat legs trying to keep their feet from touching each other.

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My sister was a beast for most of her life. We're talking 62" hips. Anyway, she used to drive with the seat pushed all the way back to prevent the gunt from touching the steering wheel. Drove with her toes barely touching the pedals and hands at the bottom of the steering wheel.

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Wait, what? I've had kidney failure for 10 years now and have never heard about us not being allowed to drive?

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I must be mistaken but each state seems to have their own laws on who's allowed to drive and who's not. I know in New York and Virginia, those with autism qualify for a handicap permit.

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Tammy Slaton legit looks like a space pig.

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When I start working on my space adventure game I'm gonna include a race called the Slatonians who are massive, disgusting space pigs.

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Or the beast's that are so massive that they cant use the seat belt. And they're too fucking cheap to buy extenders.

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Have you had to try to explain that a driver's seat is broken because the driver exceeds the weight limit for it? Because that's a real hoot.

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....my roommate destroyed the driver seat in my car like that; he borrowed my car - I used to be a nice guy, snapped out of it since then - while his was in the shop to have its driver seat replaced (I only found out that last detail later); it's real. Also, they'll destroy your furnitures at home if you let them in...

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Wow hams are all the same.. I have the same story with my dad and my obeast uncle :|

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OMG it sounds like you have some stories, please share?

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I worked as a service director for Porsche and Mercedes. Saw this sort of thing more often than you’d think at Mercedes - not so much at Porsche. And the smelliest most foul cars were always, without exception, owned and driven by women - most often overweight women. My alignment techs had to deal with the same stuff you did. Good job getting it done. Hope your boss gave you a bit more than warranty time + 25% on that.

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That's because they couldn't get in and out of a Porsche.

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Not really. We had some fat Porsche customers. But the women usually drove the Cayennes, so there wasn’t much of an issue with the alignments.

And overall I saw way more fat women than men.

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So many moons ago a family member of mines first car was a 25 year old aluminium 4 cylinder thing called a 'gemini' (later models were affectionately known as 'Gembots' these were kust known as 'shit')

So she was already not small. And we were already polite. She keeps complaining something is wrong with steering always going funny. Now i drove that heap of shit a few times... never an issue except the driver side tyre flat and a small amount of permanent pull the other way....

Now first up ill say this was in the day when you took your car to the local lebo to fix small things because certified garages were cunts and before you realised that they were all fucking you up... but i digress...

She goes and gets it 'fixed' complains to me that its still really weird and still not driving straight.

I get in it and drive around the block.

Steering wheel had been detached and moved around a bit to centre it vaguely where she had probably described it pulled to, still drives straight. I say little other than 'go to a proper mechanic'

She goes and gets it 'fixed' at a 'mechanic' no more complaints.

I go to drive it months later and fuck me if one of the tyres isnt half bald and the car is now actually trying to drive sideways... i get under and have a look...

Yeah ok so habib cut the spring on the passenger side to make up for the suspension sag from the large driver vs already completely pissweak suspension. If it wasnt for the fact that we live in the nanny state and he had already fucked her up once i might have been mildly amused.

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never an issue except the driver side tire flat and a small amount of permanent pull the other way....

I'll bet that the body/frame of the car is bent. Probably was in an accident. Work in a body shop for a while and you find out that the frame of the vehicle directly affects suspension and alignment.

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thats a big possibility. but it was also an old low quality budget car driving by a er.... a person of the portage that is often mentioned in certain sections of this website but she is still my sister so im going to shut the fuck up.

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"she was already not small", haha!

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D: I guess it was "fixed" as long as the driver is over 300lbs.

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Well you see thats the thing here in the nanny state. The cops dont give a shit about whats actually safe. They give a shit about what they can vaguely define as unsafe and fine you for. So she would have ended up with an unroadworthy car and a place in one of those bush modified freakshow stories they run in the newspaper with shit like adjustable spanners instead of steering wheels and milk crates for seats (no shit it happens yet im still suprised at the rusted out shitheaps i see crackheads getting around in LA on cops....)

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Hope we hear alot more stories from you!

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Reads like an example of why I got out of that line. Working on cars is pretty satisfying but I can't kowtow to fat dipshits.

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I for one, would love to hear more.

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