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They should charge by the pound. Theres been many times when I used to fly often (so often in fact that jet blue & southwest would send me birthday cards!) where I would end up moving clothes around or even wearing some to get my suitcase just a few pounds lighter to avoid overweight baggage fees. Yet I would see, just as often, fat fucks with the same size suitcase but an extra 50-150 pounds on their bodies. I would be more than happy to be weighed along with my luggage if it meant a difference in price; fat fucks should have to pay more and I hate that Southwest will refund piggies for the extra seat if they need to purchase two and the flight ends up not being full. Why is someone who is a hundred pounds heavier than me (fuck, the average woman is 60 pounds or so heavier than me and five inches shorter) paying the same rate as I am? Its fucked up. Don't forget, fats will be the first to mention any discomfort or any inconvenience on board. Yet they're the biggest inconvenience of all.

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When I fly with a 50lb suitcase I still weigh less (~145) than the average American woman (160ishlbs)

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Wow you're tiny! You should pay less, as should I. Im just under 5'8 (I just say 5'7 and 118) so I come in about eight pounds above the average with a fifty pound suitcase. I wouldn't be surprised if the average was 180 based on what I see around me, and thats being skeptical since 180 is positively a SMALL fat to these dump trucks!

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I think they should charge by bmi over normal pounds.

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They could stop serving food on flights shorter than a couple of hours. No one needs food every 30 minutes and it would have a twofold effect because fatfucks would fly less if they knew there would not be snacks.

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That won’t happen ever. Diabetics need to eat, pregnant women need to eat, and little kids on planes won’t like it when there’s no food for a few hours.

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Not to mention that fats will just bring their own snacks.

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If you weigh as much as 5 people you should pay as much as 5 people. It's that simple.

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Less sensible ideas to reduce the weight of flights include Ryanair’s 2012 memo to staff to “watch their weight...

How is that less sensible? Airlines are doing crazy things like cutting back on olives and ice cubes, or reducing the size of the onboard magazines so they weigh less, etc, why is it less sensible to avoid talking about the literal elephants in the room, the fats? Only a fat would think so.

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The problem I foresee is that a lot of the cost of a ticket is eaten up by taxes and regulatory compliance fees. So those fatty fees would increase the price for everyone, as people get used to paying "more" for their weight, and the price of tickets eventually goes up and a new zero is found

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Good! Although I have a feeling normal sized people will end up absorbing the higher cost, like we do already and with everything else related to lazy fats and their “I deserve” attitude.

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When I import I pay be the kilo, doesn't seem unfair to charge livestock by the kilo either. Actually I wouldn't be too bothered if they did that across the board, even though I am 6' 1". Traveling with the family, things would even out.

Personally, fats on planes concern me. If we must travel with them, then they should be seated as far from the emergency exits as possible so as not to impede emergency exit by able bodied people. If they were seated consistently, then larger seats could be provided too to quell their whining and confine the storm of crisps and sweets wrappers and stench that would likely ensue.

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I'm 6'5" and don't want to be charged like a fatass. The base ticket price should include a base weight that's pretty high for tall and swole, maybe 230 or 250lbs, and add more as weight goes up.

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