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I just don't see our society being able to recover from the greed and gluttony. The fact that people support this behaviour is a problems. But the real problem is that we are not able to shame these people without severe backlash. It is time to fight back.

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Yes, just like many things we cannot say or do because of some 'marginalized' group. Finally it will create the second coming of Hitler and I do see some funny irony in this. I'm at a point that I'm ready to burn alongside of them, as long as they're being dealt with. Scorched earth.

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I'm guessing that's the equivalent of a mini cupcake for to dumpster fire.

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Enjoy your birthdays while they last. You won't have many.

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How do you even get that big? How? You'd think the body would just shut down before then.

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It doesn't. It's amazing really, the resilience of the human body.

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Yes, that's what I always think when I see one of those things! It's fascinating, in a sense... no it's not!

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I think this is the same lady that was on My 600 Pound life.. Zazlyn or something?

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That’s her.

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600 lb life after

Still looks fucked. Obesity is non recoverable.

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...Something tells me she isn't going to see many more of those.

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You know it's a problem when you're so fat people cant tell if you're wearing bottoms or not.

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KILL IT WITH FIRE... in reality though... Just remember, somehow, someway, White men going to work every day and paying taxes made this happen. Wake up. Stop supporting this with your tax money. How you ask? Stop paying them. How you ask? Meet your basic needs directly in a tax free fashion and stop working a job with a withholding tax. Take pay in anonymous crypto which is tax free. Its hard. It changes your lifestyle but it bleeds out this system that made this horrible monster exist... YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN...

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Take pay in anonymous crypto which is tax free.

Tax evasion is fun, and prison is even funner.

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You think they could actually have this bitch in a prison? No way, she's way too fat to even move unassisted by herself in her own home. In a way she's already in prison. I'd rather her die and get it over with and stop taking my tax money.

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