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"Sure he may be a nice guy"

Bullshit. No nice person would make themselves a burden on a struggling health system due to abysmally poor self control.

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It's like that Boogie2988 guy. He's superficially "nice", but underneath he's an abuser who is too weak and cowardly to harm people directly, so he makes himself helpless to drain everyone around him.

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Thats a really good description of him actually.

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I consider being healthy by eating home made foods and exercising a form of charity. Since my taxes are being used to take care of me, it's involuntary charity for all the fat fucks out there.

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Nice doesn't help me wipe under their damn folds.

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This commentary isn't even from a FPH member. Yet expresses FPH sentiment precisely. It almost makes you think that even people who aren't posting here, immersed in udder fat loathing, are also not down with fat acceptance. How about that.

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Everyone in the medical field hates fats, except maybe for those that have turned into pigs themselves. I've noticed that a lot of the people here are medical personnel, and some of them have some truly appalling stories.

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Two types of nurses I work with, drop dead gorgeous or piggies. There is no in between. It's become such a hilarious thing to me I specifically look around at all the nurses every shift to see if I'll ever find one that is not a piggy but is not gorgeous. It has yet to happen.

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It must be infuriating knowing that there's potential for you to be seriously injured trying to provide care for this miserable human refuse that throws away their bodies and health. Then, blame everyone but themselves, showing no accountability whatsoever. I could not do it.

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Child of a doctor, does that count?

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I work in a hospital and refuse to do any kind of heavy lifting of patients. If you shit yourself and weigh too much, you WILL sit in your own feces until I get 3 to 4 workers to help me. Sorry not sorry.

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And the fats don't shit themselves just once a shift, it's multiple times.

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Sometimes it is just one shit, but continuous.

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And so ? Let it die no one cares.

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Someone will find a way to sue for their death, that's like the only reason they care for them.

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Fat people cause so many back injuries.

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They should be required to pay for any medical costs from the injuries they inflict on other people because of their weight.

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So...are you going to tell us? The strange things the docs have found hidden in the folds of fury!

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In Shitlordia, they would impose:

  • a 200$ worker compensation fee for each instance of wiping obese ass

  • safety deposit of 16$ per pound per meter, to be put towards the medical expenses of those who are injured as a result of lifting and transporting patients over 250 lbs.

-5% of the deposit is spent on organic celery, of course, which would have to be force fed to the patient over the course of the next 24 hours.

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Underpaid, overworked and being forced to associate with fats. No wonder they have a shortage of nurses!

[–] NewkYorCity 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago  (edited ago)

When will we learn to execute parasites (and other forms of predators)? Parasites WILL kill the host if allowed to flourish. You DO NOT care for those who do not care for THEMSELVES in a non parasitic/predatory way. It seems to me they are weakly bleating for their own deaths anyway by their chioces ALONE!

Bernie Madoff (AND family)? DEATH....NOT taxpayer funded retirement. Bernie even SAID...."Fuck my victims." Mercy? for THAT? Even though his victims WERE greedy cheating little shits (they'll get what's coming to them surely).

This is how you KNOW our "leadership" are agents of EVIL.

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He exists only because of the people that enable him.

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