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One has a genuine smile, the other looks dead inside. I won't bother saying which is which.

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please the suspense is killing me

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One looks like its contenplating eating the other one

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Lol, Beauty and the beast.

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Beauty and the Feast.

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One on the right claims to have a Fabulous Life. One on the left doesn’t need to make such a claim, we can already tell.

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Hahahaha it's "tour bus" got vandalized recently with a big FAT BITCH tag. https://imgoat.com/uploads/8ffe9a587b/123929.png

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^ See, now THAT'S "radical activism" right there: taking it to the streets and letting those HAES-death pushers know what's up!

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It has a tour bus?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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She cries a lot for being fabulous

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And always complains. Dare you to find one episode where this yeast beast isn't reeeeeeing about everything and anything

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Obese women always look menopausal to me. It doesn't matter if they have youthful features, I see all of them as being eternally 55 years old.

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Given the inevitable hormonal imbalance that comes with obesity, they exhibit many of the symptoms of menopause. So it stands to reason!

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Is that hog on the right a fat acceptance SJW? I've seen her somewhere before, maybe here, but not at the Chinese buffet...

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I think she's the fatty with the tv show "fabulous fat life" or something. If that's her it's Whitney Thore.

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Yeah that's Whitney thore... She's so nasty. Instead of smile lines she literally has complain lines on her face.

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Who is she on the left? She'd surely be a good candidate for /v/fitpeoplelove.

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Sylvie Meis, smoking hot

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Women like this get a lot of criticism because you can see their ribs:



Sylvie presented her latest bath model and her own perfume yesterday, but the attention went mainly to her body. "Missed with losing weight?", "Your head is much larger than the rest", so it reacts under the picture.

And this photo of the German Heidi Klum also caused a stir on Instagram. Fans reacted shocked to the 'too thin' body of the top model, according to them. "This is not normal! Watch your health "and" It is so onsexy that we can count your bones. Somewhat more kilos is much nicer ", it reacted.

People seemed to have forgotten that healthy people are in facte quite thin (that is why there is room for more in case of an emergency) and that seeing bones is in fact in itself not bad. I don't understand this world anymore!

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Damn she's gorgeous.

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Saved this photo to add alongside of ripped 76 yr Sir Patrick Stewart - great gym inspiration. That 40 year old woman is hotter than most 18-22 coeds (in America anyway).

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Well that was a hard easy hard fap

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wow. i mean, talk about a technique to make yourself last longer i guess

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