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A symptom of the mass misinformation perpetuated by hams. Fats have filled the fitness and weight loss world with so much bullshit about setpoints, meal timing, genetics, metabolism, etc, etc that no one knows what is real anymore. Eat less and move more are now just two ideas in a pool of ideas about weight loss and people don't know which is correct. This is the goal of HAES. Overcomplicate weight loss to the point where no one knows how to do it and no one believes it's possible. Once everyone is fat, everyone will be equally miserable.

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This isn't even really true though. The important of Diet vs Exercise for weight loss is like 95%/5%, and most of the time hams just use the later to justify the former, so for all intents and purposes they should view it as 100% diet

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But I want a magic belt that heats the fat off while I watch tv and eat pizza rolls!!

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I’ll donate a tire full of gasoline.

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A provocative new study involving overweight men and women suggests that it probably can, undercutting a widespread notion that exercise, by itself, is worthless for weight loss.

A study that involved no scientists, just a bunch of people without lard in their brain that said in theory you could exercise enough to maintain a pig lifestyle, but you probably will never leave the gym. Here's the article link.

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What if I TALK about exercising, instead of doing it.

Or I take SELFIE about exercising?

It works too, right?

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Cico by osmosis.

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More exercise does increase calorie-burn, but the amount of physical exertion needed to compensate for that food is neeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr going to be approached by the typical eat-beast, none-the-less a normal person not looking to be in the next marvel movie.

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Have they been in the fat shaming safe space for so long they think they are discovering something new here and already forgotten they were the ones that helped shut down this kind of conversation in order to create their fat shaming safe space...

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Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn. Exercise will burn more calories but probably not at a rate faster than you may consume them.

If you are a fucked up idiot, all you have to do is blame thin privilege and biology for making you fat. You can't help it. So just enjoy your obese body and two gallons of ice cream.

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It help if anyone understood how few kcal are even burned during exercise. It's about 100 kcal for a 1mile walk/jog, and 200-300 kcal for a decent hour of lifting. That's eaten back, or drank back, and then some because "treat yo self!" And then they gain weight and give up. Reducing calories = hunger. Get the fuck over it and cut out the sweets and liquid calories.
Bitches spend hours in the gym, and leave looking exactly the same as they did going into it. You're not fooling anyone fatties,.