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It absolutely is. You don’t ever hear bodybuilders say they "live in a muscular body." They say "I'm ripped." The difference is the emphasis of blame. Fats don't want the blame so they speak as if they are a passemger in a fat body whereas swole bros want the blame for their efforts and speak in terms of ownership. It is an attempt to distance themselves from the consequences of their actions, but also to manipulate others into thinking there is a disconnect between someone and their body. You are your body and your body's state is an expression of who you are.

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Well put.

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Lack of responsibility. Much of the shit going on today can be traced to a lack of responsibility. It's what they do. Like "it's not muh fault, I wus born in dis body!" Fuckin seriously?

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Agree. You may be born into a body, and you may have no control over your genotype from birth... but what you choose to do with the body you were born into? Well that's entirely up to the individual. How you choose to present your body is an expression of who you are - from the clothes you wear, to the makeup you put on your face, or if you choose to have facial hair, and of course your weight. All of those little things you can change about your appearance, the things that you have control over, they all show the world who you are as a person. Your life is your fault. Whenever I see a fatty, all I perceive is an amalgamation of poor life choices that has resulted in a person that just doesn't give a fuck!

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With the lack of nutritional education I'm not really surprised people think God or whatever made them fat. I'd say at least 30% of people have no idea how many calories they are or should be eating.

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I'd say it's probably closer to 70% if not more. Most nutritional labels in Canada and the US include a foot note about being based on a 2000 calorie which completely neglects to mention that it's based on the assumption that people are getting a minimum of the hour of daily recommended exercise doctors and scientists suggest and I know a lot of people who assume that either applies to them and are fat, or manage to stay slim purely through intuition and being raised on good food habits.

Outside of North America is very different when it comes to food though, so I can't speak to percentages in other countries.

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People who use the "God made me..." excuse are disgusting. Unless you have a legitimate genetic disorder "God" also gave your fatass the means to do something about it. Always looking for the nearest excuse, fucking hippo-crites.

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Hippocrites lol

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I live in a 'sick' body. But I do my damndest to keep it as healthy as I can. I take my meds, I don't overeat, get enough sleep etc. I have no control over having my illnesses, but I can sure as hell try to keep them in line.

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Good on you for doing that. As someone in similar circumstances, this is what a person should strive to do. If this sentiment could be bottled, you would be rich :)

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This is why a good portion of transplant recipients are shitpeople. Unfortunately the others get fat and blame the Prednisone. Dumbasses. A lot of people with chronic illness use it as an excuse to never do anything and then complain when their lives are shit. You either get bitter or get better, that's what my great grandma Sadie always said. That's coming from someone who lost an infant son, then lost her husband and 2 young sons in quick succession (flu and then drunk train conductor)

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When people use phrases like that or talk about how "bodies are weird and wonderful," it's obvious that they hate their own and want to distance themselves from it in any way they can.

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Society in general has the same problem: they like to blame others for their own shortcomings. I call it the four Ds: deflect, defend, deny, deceive

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It’s not just living in a dirty house, it’s hoarderism. Hoarders defend stubbornly their disgusting practices of keeping decades of newspapers and dead cats. Fats are hoarders of fat.

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You know what? You're right. That takes the comparison to its logical conclusion.