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Fat acceptance is a great example of everything that is wrong with the current social mindset:

Fat acceptance literally is death acceptance. You can prove this objectively and measurably. It used to be one of the most undisputed truths and now there is only more evidence to the sheer mountain of data showing the dangers of obesity. Despite this, fat acceptance is somehow gaining traction because people are so shackled by political correctness to say otherwise. We allow stupidity and misinformation to spread and embrace collective denial because it's rude to speak facts and trying is hard.

Fat girls literally do need to learn how boners work. Again, it used to be pretty fucking obvious that you need to be hot and that being a fat turd is not. You can again prove this objectively and measurably because the damn thing simply won't stand up for a lard bucket. How much more proof do you need beyond that and the fact that men recoil at the sight of you? Despite this, the myth to the contrary is also gaining traction because politically correctness says you must tell a fat girl that there is someone out there for you, that some guys are into that, and that beauty is more than appearances. We allow the dating pool to become a nightmare zone, not to mention condemn millions to lives of misery and solitude by enabling them to stay obese, because it's rude to speak fact and trying is hard.

I honestly feel like I'm living in a fictional novel a lot of the time. I'm surrounded by gas giants and no one sees a problem. I mention it and I am drowned in virtue signalling. I don't understand how the popular opinion can be so factually incorrect and mutually detrimental, but simultaneously rigidly enforced. I want to wake up.

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Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Conservative states are the fattest, actually.

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Statistically it is the conservatives who are fatter and also more likely to be on welfare. But who needs facts when you have strong, out of control emotions to overrule them?

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We are the first generation that has a greater life expectancy than those who are children/young adults now. How the fats can't understand this, I'll never know. And, once again, has anyone ever seen a really old fat? Nope. Just young women and men who LOOK old as hell.

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Even if they lose the weight the past-fats look decades older because of the stress they've put on their body. From joints that seize up to skin that drapes over their frame. There is no reversing the damage from fat.

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Truth. Was watching Dr. G medical examiner the other week. In one episode she talks about obesity and what it does to the body. Says she's never seen an obese old person, because they don't live that long. I think if fats saw first hand what happens to the body on the inside, it might be enough to change their perspective... nah who am I kidding XD

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Yes, I often see people voicing concerns that the movie "Idiocracy" has retroactively become a documentary on our contemporary political culture. I like to think of our actual situation as more of a "Hippocracy", i.e. a political system being run by and for obese hippos.

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And don't go to the hospital if you don't eat less! Fats are a workplace hazard in healthcare!

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Amen. I worked as an EMT. The number of fat people who fall down and can’t get up is pretty fucking depressing. We even have a tarp to use to drag them around and everyone calls it the “Shamu”. My attitude was always to defer to the protocols meant for our own safety and call the fire department for a lift assist. Not gonna fuck up my lumbar spine for your butter tears.

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what kills me is not only do they do this self-love bs online for others to see (yuck), but they want us and everyone to cheer them on as if they're heroes or oppressed revolutionaries or something. relax, bitch. you. just. gained. weight!

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hahaha,true. They just eat too much

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No, don't go to the gym. Too many fats are already there clogging up the machines, talking on the phone, taking selfies and tee heeing

Get on the road and run, you fat bastards. Run past all the fast food places and don't stop.

When you lose half a human maybe we'll let you back in the gym

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We are fierce and gorgeus,we deserve boners like victoria's secret angels because we are goddesses! Maybe you are not man enough,only dogs go for the bones! And stop judging us,you bigot,go to educate yourself!

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You may want to put /s after that as I assume you're kidding but Im guessing the sarcasm was lost on others.

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Yes I was joking. It's ironic that they speak like a joke and people listen to them. They are ridiculous :)

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OP came off as kind of stupid in the post and now it has been confirmed. Plus Bill Murray is fat as fuck these days. Who would look up to anything he does?

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Go to the gym fat one, and eat more vegetables.

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