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"Why run if no ones chasing you?" Fucking fat people logic is really funny

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Think they'd run if dinner depended on it?

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It's just a variation of "why try if ya gonna die anyway (burp! fart!)," a.k.a. the fats' life/death motto.

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Runners high beats a sugar rush every which way.

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Why eat if you're not starving?

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Fats can understand that running too many marathons can go a bit outside of what European and Asians evolved to be able to do, but they can't understand that no society in the history of the world has ever been this fat

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Should I feel bad that I told a fat ass to start using the stairs instead of the elevator to help her get exercise to lose weight, but after taking the stairs her heart gave out and she died

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You sped it up by a month at most and saved emergency workers from having to haul her out of a private residence.

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You’re living the shitlord dream.

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Why eat if you aren't hungry? Fucking hippocrits...

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I seriously doubt there are many people in her friend circle who actually compete in marathons. She probably overheard one person one time talking about running and that was enough to upset her.

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I'm only just getting into jogging and I always hate when I start feeling unable to keep pace, but when I think about that picture of the fucking fat garbage pile on the boat from the Houston flooding, just uselessly flopping around... Ugh.

The idea of being fucking invalid due to my own habits... in an emergency situation? Nothing gets me going faster, and I try to explain that to my smallfat associates, but I don't think they've ever been in any situation that would require them to move faster than their comfortable waddle.

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why run if no one is chasing you? its simple. its us chasing, chasing a dream!

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