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They weren't dwarfs. They were just normal guys who looked tiny in comparison!

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Damn she is too wide to fit in the picture.

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Snow white was in a permanent state of sleep, so the seven dwarves decided to leave her like that so she could lose some weight for the first time in her life.

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Did Snow Wide eat the 7 dwarves? It's been a while; I can't remember how the show went.

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and last but not least, Doc.

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All the aforementioned dwarves were unfortunately found smothered in the rolls of blubber... doc was fortunate inthat he knew how to travel the intestinal tract and got out through a he colon and rectum... he lived to tell the tale... but has tremendous PTSD from coming out the tail to tell the tale! God save Doc...

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She’s looking to replace Doc, however. When the dwarfs found her asleep in the cottage with a half-eaten apple, he had the audacity to attribute it to her weight and sleep apnea!

Shucks, obviously his first instinct should have been witchcraft!

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About to ask same.

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From the thumbnail I thought it was sitting at a table. Lol nope

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This is just fucking depressing to me. You get one life to live and this is how you spend it, confined to a body physically incapable of doing hardly anything at all. Why would someone choose to “live” like that?

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Snow Wide ate the seven dwarfs!

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Snow White and the Seven Burrito Grande Suizos.

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The evil witch would have to offer something greasier than an apple to get her to eat it.

(If I have the right story in my head.)

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