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Sugar come from sugarcane which are plants. Milk comes from cows who eat plants. Hell everything is a salad if you use that logic.

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For real. Fats are so fucking dumb. Too much lard in the brain

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Don't forget vodka

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Opium comes from a plant, and heroin comes from that opium. Heroin is salad. The end. Of life.

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Chocolate is actually good for you. It's all the sugar in it that makes it bad and also makes it taste good.

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Try 99% cocoa solid chocolate, which means it is for all practical purposes devoid of sugar. It's fucking expensive, I have bought 50 g for 3 €; the same money can you buy 300 g of Milka, which is considered one of the most popular brands of regular chocolate here.

Removing the sugar from chocolate removes its hyper-palatability. Trust me, you are not tempted to devour it in order to give you an endorphine fix like with regular chocolate. Taking only two small 5 g squares of that chocolate in your mouth, one in each cheek, and have them slowly melt, is pure bliss. Try it one time if you haven't already!

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Ohh yessss. That's chocolate porn. Did you mean the 99% from Lindt or another? Got any tips? :)

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I like to take a tiny bite, sip my hot coffee and let it melt in my mouth. Good shit.

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My favorite type of chocolate is 90% dark. Although I could eat like even 4 squares for a snack. It's absolutely delicious and not guilt food.

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Damnit you're making me feel hungry now, and I've already planned my meals for the day!

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They can never lose weight even though all they eat are salads.

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Too much salad gives me explosive diarrhea. I have to be very careful with the dosage, like doing heroin. For real you guys, made a mistake last night. My mom brought me some when she came over yesterday. Having a ham mindset just for one night can have some real consequenses. I have been through so much this morning.

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I knew this hot thai exchange student. she used to say "cheese makes you fat, chocolat doesn't" by the end of the year she had gained a size or 2

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Didn't the government declare pizza a vegetable? Shockingly enough, this classification does not nullify the fact that an entire pie can have thousands of calories.

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I remember something about trying to count pizza sauce as a vegetable in school lunches a long time ago. Ridiculous on so many levels, especially since tomatoes are fruit.

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Back in the early '80s, USDA surplus food program donated to schools. Way to keep farm prices stable by buying up excess. Yes, Reagan publicly defended ketchup as being a vegetable, in order to get the "2 veggies per lunch" or whatever requirement it was. Press pounced on him. A triple cheeseburger with onion, ketch, pickle, and a scrap of wilted iceberg should be thinning people down since 4 servings, right?

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This is so retarded that I can’t find much else to say about it.

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