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You can do this with most things. I had a somewhat similar conversation:

Me: "How can anyone not like jeans?"

"My mom doesn't."

"Is she fat?"

" ... "

Most problems and critical opinions are simply fat people who find something hard or unpleasant because they are fat.

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Fats: "This room is freezing/burning up."

Me: In a t-shirt and jeans feeling no temp one way or the other, while the hams are about to have a stroke.

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Fats never complain about being cold. They sweat just by walking outside in the winter.

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Just be forewarned, people on here might shit all over you for associating with a ham...

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I wouldn't call her a ham. She actually has a normal BMI. Her body fat percentage is too high. She is skinny fat. Like most of the Americans with normal BMIs.

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It's like 99.8% of normal bmi women are skinny fat. So I wouldn't fault you.

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It's nearly impossible not to now, simce 2/3 of the US are hams.

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every 35 pounds over the top end of your BMI is 1 inch of dick buried in fat.

Now if you have a 6 inch dick thats 210 pounds over weight to make it disapear. Making anyone near or over 300 pounds with little to no exposed dick.

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I wonder if they do fupa fucking in order to masturbate. Maybe they're too busy eating and love food more than sex.

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Yes they do. It's called fat pad fucking and I genuinely hope they'll die of it due to rotting waste.

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No, it can't.

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I'd disagree, or else TIL that I have either an extremely skewed perception or a looooong dick ;-)

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Can confirm. My fat patients always have way smaller dicks than the skinny patients.

[–] Ashra 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Do you think there is a medical reason for this?

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yeah it gets buried in the suprapubic fat, AKA "fupa." Trick I learned if you can't find the penis is to have the patient lie flat than use one hand to push down on their fupa and it should pop up like a toddler being bounced off a trampoline.

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Chode Not Found

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Skinny people are evolutionarily sexy. It’s part of living an organic life. Just throw words at her that leftists have been using for ammo.

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"Don't miss the exciting new TV-Series coming this fall season to your new FierceAndTough-TV station (FAT):"

Where's Waldong?

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It's part of being a Shitlord: Maintain my fitness = maintain my pecker. If I lose any, I have only myself to blame.

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