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I bet on genuine. I looked at the posting history and found this. There is lots more. Way too much work for fatfiction.

Finding that reminded me that I was skeptical when I saw it first time around, a year ago. The quality of the writing testified to intelligence. The story was most simply explained by stupidity. Contradiction!

Re-reading it today, I realised that I hadn't put proper weight on this paragraph

I was power walking through the neighborhood, sweating bullets, feeling really proud of myself for not stopping for a breather in almost twenty minutes, when some guy drove by and made pig noises out his window at me. I was broken. I've been in bar fights, I've been hospitalized, I grew up with not one but two abusive stepfathers, I'm a fighter. But I was so hurt and broken and embarrassed that I just stood there. If some guy had done that to me when I was thin, there's a good chance I'd have hurled a rock at their window. But I couldn't think of anything to say or do because this time, on some level, I agreed with them.

This post works just as well for /v/singlemothershate. It is the tale of an intelligent child who is so fucked up by his single mother and her shitty boyfriends that he turns to comfort eating and becomes a fat.

But it is an unusual tale, his mother wasn't a fat. The usual tale goes post-wedding weight gain, dead bedroom, failed marriage, single motherhood, fucked up children. Usually it is getting fat that is the root of all evil.