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health at any size

Peritoneum is the sack where your intestines, liver, kidneys, and other gut organs are located. There should be a fair amount of empty space (dark spots left) instead of a bunch of visceral fat (all the greasy yellow stuff right)

Also, yes, those are impacted stools on the right and also a giant fatty liver near the top of the peritoneum

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The amount of visceral fat is staggering. Even if you were to remove all subcutaneous fat, that thing would still be obese. Look how it pushes against the diaphragm and leaves hardly any space for heart and lungs - even though fatties' hearts are pathologically enlarged, too. HAES, I think..?

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peak HAES

maybe this will help some fatty understand why it's dying even though it doesn't have a gaping head wound

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Thanks for explaining what we're looking at, I really can barely tell with the fatty's anatomy being so alien. Though I didn't need to know about the impacted shit part.

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Don't fatties have cardiomegaly since their hearts have to increase in size to keep the blood flowing through their bodies? Because based on what I'm seeing, humans have more space for their lungs and hearts because they're not crushed by excess fat.

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both are true, lung and heart function can be extremely compromised (see also; the diaphragm can't work properly)

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Oh god that spine is bent beyond repair

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This is why chiropractors make bank off fatties.

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Oh my god looks at its elongated asshole and hidden dick. That is incredible.

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elongated asshole

Fatties are more prone to constipation so...

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They should display a cross section of a triple bacon cheeseburger in front of the fat's face.

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I haven't seen this in awhile, but it's one of my favorite medical images on obesity.

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https://i.imgur.com/N7ElwF3.jpg I really like this photo. This must be the hardest level of heart operations for a surgeon.

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I've actually dissected a heart that looks like that. It's a huge pain in the ass trying to find the arteries.

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"Real men are rectangles!"

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lol ew

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The one on the left needs to be turkey bacon.

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“Yuh can’t tell muh health by lookin at me!”

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