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Also tell them that the 20-odd supposed school shootings that have happened in 2018 (a line still being pushed by Parkland 'survivors') is total bullshit. Those 20-odd shootings include various ones that didn't even happen in a school, just near one, or near school kids, and includes such gems as: someone shooting a pellet at a school bus. A kid that shot himself in the thumb in class after bringing a gun to school and fucking around with it. And a girl that fired a gun that she thought was an unloaded training weapon through a wall. Only about three of the listed and pushed 20-odd are legitimate 'school shootings' as opposed to shootings that happened at or near to a school. Most are disputes between individuals with one bringing a gun into said dispute. It's a fabrication.

Red pill.


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Haha, holy shit look at the downvotes for this comment! Shills out in force today huh! Truth hurts you faggots.