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From the other perspective;

My friend and I went for a quick jog,and out of nowhere this eatbeast plopped in front of us and started jiggling some chicken mcgreaseballsat us. We stared in horror at the thing as it weezed and ate, and wondered how anyone could have so little self respect or awareness.


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People are on a natural high when they leave the gym, there's no way "they looked so depressed" after a workout lol. I'm pretty sure they just wanted to get the fuck out of that elevator before the hippo farted or shat herself. And who the fuck orders 20 chicken mcnuggets?


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Usain Bolt does order ridiculous amounts of nuggets.


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You get all the upvoats

P.s. when I was 9 years old they had 6 and 8 piece mcnuggets........


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They had 20 pieces since they started making them. The difference is people thought the twenty piece was for a family or event. It wasn't just for one person


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When I was a kid they sold buckets of fries. 3-4 supersize fries. Even then, there was only the one "fat kid". I loved off fast food all my life and never set time aside for exercise, now that I've gotten older and less sophisticated of a job 30 minutes of weights is enough to keep me think.

Her 20 piece was just a snack in between meals.