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Ha. The only way you won't recieve the jealousy/hate from those types is if you look fatter than they do. Kind of funny though, that they think you don't belong there. That shows how little they believe attending that class is going to help them with their own bodies. Why do they bother going with that attitude?

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They don't go to actually work on their weight. They go so they can brag about working on their weight.

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Gotta get those sweet, sweet gym selfies!

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I guess putting others down to make yourself feel better about your looks is pretty much equivalent to showing up to a zumba class to make yourself feel better about the excessive food you consume.

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And so they can reward themselves with a 1200 calorie McBeetus and 900 calorie Starbeetus without feeling 'guilty'. After all, they deserve it after working so hard.

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That's exactly what I thought right away. Funny how they all think they're such complex human "beans", when in reality they are pathetically simple minded.

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i dont see how a workout class like zumba would actually help to lose weight. i always thought zuma was for training endurance, breathing, and heart stuff.

if you want to lose weight its a lot easier to eat 1k less calories than it is to burn 1k extra calories.

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Zumba is good for toning body, but that would require extensive knowledge of latin dancing technique so all muscles are engaged and proper postures held and pelvis working properly. Unfortunately, with your usual hams attending it's all about jumping and turning around to latin music.

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You know that and I know that, but when was the last time a fat got something right?

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HA! I love being a trigger just by existing. I'm in my late thirties, still do the daily PT regimen I have since basic training some 20ish years or so ago. I live in a VERY rural area and most of the dads my age have the dad bod and beer gut thing going on and don't shame me per say, but try to act like the shit I do is damn near impossible. "I don't have time for that shit, I farm." Motherfucker, So do I! Like thses motherfuckers dont buy their freezer hogs from me and I have all the time in the fucking world. Try not drinking 4 fucking loaves of bread worth of carbs, washing it down with greasefries with xxxtracheese and get up off the fucking tractor and hay the cows by hand for once and maybe your wife will make comments about your abs and not mine, you fat fuck Dennis.

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"I don't have time for that!"

Watches "the game" religiously during the week and on the weekend. Or binge watches all the latest TV shows on Netflix/streaming service.

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That’s the best time. I keep kettlebells in my TV room.

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I would love to go on a run with you someday, you sound like a guy id get along with swimmingly. I'm not a fan of binge drinking daily

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And yet you're real.

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...to be completely fair, you can't actually prove that.

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How do I prove I'm not a robot, recaptcha? :p

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No, don't fuck them.

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I wasn't aware that the fats had enough access to those parts to do that anyway.

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I'm pretty sure these ladies are practising a crab in a bucket mentality. One rude lady who made the comment of me not needing to be at a gym turned out to be 24 years old. She has a 2 year old and she looked more 30 :|

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Crab in bucket syndrome, eh? Did we watch the same video earlier with that chick ranting about idpol? IMO her argument was ridiculous and backwards, but to each their own.

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Why do they think just because you arent fat that you don't need fitness?! Everyone should work to be more in shape regardless. For the record, I'd suggest leaving the "zumba" shit behind and go to a proper class not so full of fat.

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Because that would cut through their bullshit of people being naturally skinny.

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Next time you should go in yoga shorts and a sports bra. If they're gonna complain you're SHAMING them, make sure that they're really, REALLY ashamed.

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@mintfleur doooo iiiiiiit!

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I'll take a selfie next week when I do it ;)

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Salty jealous hams.

[–] ScheissKaiser 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

Thrrriiive on their jealousy!

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