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It's always amazing when you hear it in real life, isn't it? You read the stories and laugh at the memes, but when your family and friends start spouting it in person, it catches you off guard. They turn into different people, leave their sanity at the door, and say some pretty insulting things to someone they claim to care about in order to protect their denial.


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Best thing you can do is ignore her comments. Don't even engage in conversations about your size. Any sane person knows you have to work to maintain a decent body and who cares what the others think.


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yar, but these be fats. They not be sane peoples.


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Yes, and that's why she shouldn't care what they think.


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I've had to shut down that kind of stuff before. It's no mystery how I'm a "beanpole" (aka, not fat). I exercise 3x a week on my laziest weeks, 5-6x a week otherwise. Even if I eat a pile of food in one situation, those aren't my normal eating habits and that pile could very well be my only meal for the day. I'm also nearly 6 feet tall, so I use more calories than a short, sedentary woman. That apparently is some kind of voodoo magic.


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Hamplanets are only full of food and excuses. And your mom is a fat ass cunt.


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And shit. Sooooooo much shit.


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Apart from everything else, I don't understand these "I am so fat because..." conversations. I hardly have any converstions with men about who's balding and who isn't. And that would make more sense because with male pattern baldness you just look a certain way, and men who have full hair look differently. And male pattern baldness REALLY is in the genes. Plus it doesn't cause stress on health care budgets. Conversations along the lines of "I am so fat because..." are kind of like "I constantly speed with my car, cause traffic accidents and run into things bacause I'm constantly late because I oversleep all the time." Why would you showcase and underline your own incompetence like that?


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Fats favorite activity (besides gorging, of course) is SABOTAGE. Good for you for speaking up. Keep it up.


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Since i have a thyroid disorder my family cant use that on me for my weightloss, they just say how "strong willed i am". Its not hard work, i just eat 1350 calories and lift heavy and walk all the time.


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I read your last sentence as “bacon of sanity” for some reason.

I have no advice other than to say that people wear their behavioral consequences on them like an adipose scarlet letter. They, and all those who look upon them, know instinctually what lead to the obesity.

On the other hand, When us guys see a fit girl, we also know u are workin hard for it. We may say innapropriate comments to each other when youre out of earshot like: ‘she got a nice ass/body,’ or ‘whoah check out the 10/hottie’. Yea its sexist, but its what we’re all thinking. Your mom maybe never experienced this and is bitter. Its projection.


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Apparently someone found her attractive, she remarried quickly after my dad died. Her new husband is also over 400 lbs though so all that means is fatties flock together. I know she hasn't been my size since before high school, and she gets really mad when I talk about how vanity sizing is so out-of-control I have to shop in the juniors department. So you're probably right about her being bitter, to some degree.

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