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Agree. This shit is why I don't come to this community as much as I used to. Ive never seen anything but white trash who are the fucking scum of society, usually poor, uneducated, fat, embarrassing, and unfuckable even if they aren't the pasty piles of flesh barely hanging on to their 24.9 normal BMI endorse this racist bullshit. Hating fat people is fun, hanging around literal trash is not.

Is there some way to make the community stop allowing this bullshit? Because I can tell you as a normal, not trashy, person who only hates fat people and isn't racist or sexist, youre (meaning not you personally but the FPH community ) actually killing the cause, because given the choice of racists or fatties, Im going to be more sympathetic to fatties.Associating FPH with this other ignorance is not a good look. If its possible to form a FPH without all this other bullshit, Im sure most normal people would be happy to join.