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It probably would get infested with bugs and rodents, but outside is also infested with bugs and rodents and sometimes shit too.

Just think of inside the room as inside, and everything else, as outside. They won't go in his (I thought it was a she), room if there's abundant food outside the room and if they properly seal his room off by locking it jamming a door snake into the gap between door and floor.

That said, that's a fucking insane and disgusting story regarding the dog shit. I count myself lucky that I've never had to experience that!

Also @lofofo, are you a guy or a chick? Your writing tone and the fact that you actually picked up after them and played their games, are all very feminine. If you're a guy I suggest you get your Testosterone checked, soyboy is a meme for a reason. Otherwise congratulations, you'll find a great husband with those mannerisms.


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I don't know why people are downvoting you. I just said "he" as habit, I have no idea their gender.


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It must be the soyboys. A lot of vegetarian/vegen men are skinny fat. Skinny, but no muscle/bulk and have fat deposits on hips/breast areas due to so much phytoestrogens. They justify themselves by saying, "at least I'm not fat", also, oestrogen re-wires the brain to make them more feminine, so instead of confronting the problem head on (like many people are telling OP to do) like a man would, they bitch about it to other people to make themselves feel better.

I just said "he" as habit, I have no idea their gender.

Ah, fair enough then. I thought you knew the... person. No biggie, enjoy your fish (not to excess of course!).