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Every single fat pig thinks it's muscular. My exes ex wife was like this. She blew up and then managed to get knocked up by some pig fucking random and found out when she was like 6 months along. So much wrong with that but she's straight white garbage so I'm not surprised.

He once blamed his ex wifes new fatness on juhnetiks and it was around the same time he gained ten pounds. "But honey I'm 6'4 I carry it well..." Uhm no, you don't.

That's when I realized fat is not just a physical thing, its also a personality thing. Dumped him shortly after.

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We have lots of things in common!

My man's ex wife is a fat white trash piece of shit too, but sadly they have a kid together so there's no escape. She's already called me a skinny bitch (never even met her) and hates me so much, and I know it's because she's super jealous of me. Ha ha. I just want to be like Bitch I ain't skinny I'm fit.

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Straight white trash

Tell me more. She sounds like shes on about my level.

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She's so huge, bitch is on everyone's level.

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“No problem, bmi has been shown to have limited utility when compared to height to waist ratio. I just happen to have a measuring tape. “

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THIS, do iiiiit, OP ;D

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Muscular? Meaning they can move desks around?

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and break coworkers legs while doing it :-)

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Upvoating 'cause I know what you're talking about.

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Meaning it used to work as a waitress and washed soooo many dishes

I’m not even kidding

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I am 6ft 88kg and 13% body fat

My goal is to be classed as obese with less than 13% body fat

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5'6" (167cm) here, back in colllege I was 175lb (79.5 kg) at my heaviest boasting 7% body fat - no drugs, just food - it's real tough to actually hit "obese"

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Nice work. try more fruits and veggies for lower body fat and more muscles.

I used to max out at 5 push ups. 3 years ago I was 69kg at 20% body fat. I can now bench about 4 reps with 100kg. I want a 250kg bench.

see this https://voat.co/v/Health/2490930

and this https://voat.co/v/Health/2490934

finally https://voat.co/v/science/2490942

I want to put to gather a list like this of how fruits and veggies can help us grow

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You could tell her, "Muscles don't jiggle, hon."

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Muscular eh? Let's go do some pullups. First one to 300 wins. (I'm going to win.)

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It sounds..... salty.

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Jaw muscles I suppose :)

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