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Absolutely. And they're taking over many women's sports, which were set up specifically to allow women a fair chance to compete against other women.

How any woman can claim to be feminist and yet support this bullshit is beyond me.

I hope the autogynephile asshole breaks every bone in his body.

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Women don't overwhelmingly overall. Ive never seen a woman who agrees with this. I think some fat fuck online who just spouts bullshit yeah maybe, but Ive never known a woman that ridiculous. What I hear is anger, and fucking terror, that men can dress up as women and once again come into our spaces, and make it harder for us. Im not against human rights, and I couldn't care less where you use the restroom, but when there are festivals that are specifically women only that ensure its safe from sexual assault, or unfair things like sports where women can physically get hurt, I get really fucking pissed about it.


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Yeah,but I think we have to go all in this shit until the idiocy will collapse. If they are "real" women they must compete with women. Because too many women support trans rights and other bullshit,they will do until they lose some benefit.


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Exactly, feminism should be all about total equality. It is traditionally an egalitarian philosophy but the recent (I think they're 3rd/4th wave?) feminists seem to be demanding more than equality and expect positive discrimination to punish the misogynist males of the past.


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We need categories like 'trans', 'cis white transexual midgets', 'non-binary lard arses' and...I give up. You can't have genetic males competing fairly with females.

The picture they picked of this fatty though, is awesome.