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“Couple jelly beans” = five pound bag from Walmart. To bad she’s so fat her baby’s BMI is probably in the obese column the instant it’s born.

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Totally makes sense, they’re sedentary and their belly fat mashes down on the womb, so the baby has no room to grow... and then there’s the diet of cheeseburgers and donuts...


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Check my post history from like a year or two ago, I have a absolute hog of a high school classmate that was obese when they were ttc and got even fatter during the pregnancy. Baby was born several months that early and has a permenant trach.


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Can confirm. I was never overweight during either of pregnancies. My son was 9’5” and my daughter was 8’1”. Both healthy as fuck.


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Couple jelly beans... This is what she meant


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Damn, was thinking the exact same thing but you beat me to it! Though you left out how i probably didnt take a nap but passed out from exhaustion from all the work it had to do reaching its hand in the bag so many times.