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God this annoys me. My townhome is right across from the gym and one of 5 poo!s in my Gated Complex. It takes less than one minute to walk there and I see my obese neighbor drive there, pathetic really. They do a ten minute stretch, followed by a short waddle on the elliptical for 5 minutes then leave. Once it asked me to not go so fast, I do about 4 miles as a warm-up and it usually takes around 30 minutes. Fuck you, fatty. I'm not gonna change my routine so you feel better about your gluttony.

At a recent gathering at the clubhouse I heard her complaining about how it works out so hard and can't lose weight. Um... No. You don't do shit.

I also belong to a public/membership gym. I hardly go, even though they have more equipment because my work schedule just changed and during peak hours these fat fucks sit on the equipment texting and taking pictures of them doing nothing. So irritating.