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That's just fucking pathetic.



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I don't get the motivation behind the fattie making these videos. Is she trying to be funny? These videos act as more of a PSA of why not to get fat: Not only does fat make you unable to perform properly when exercising but you will also look awful during the attempt.


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I was stunned when I saw the beginning of her first attempt there, where she only barely managed to get her knees onto the board(?). I don't work out (I'd like to/plan to start soon!) but I'd have no problem getting my feet on there, and in fact gave it a try on my couch before typing this comment and managed it just fine. Like, you literally can't jump a foot/foot and a half when you have your arms there to help you? How sad and pitiful is that? Hell, we had a mouse in our living room once and I leaped from the floor into a chair--feet on the seat--without using my arms at all! (I never thought I'd be one of those "Eek! A mouse!" women, but turns out I really, really was. I even said, "Eek!")

Even worse was the "I realized I have never gotten up without using my hands," comment. I can still get up from a chair or the floor without using my hands--it's a little more effort these days than it was in my somewhat athletic youth, since I am in my 40s and my only exercise is walking a lot and cleaning, but I can do it. I don't think that's a special achievement or anything, either, I'm sure it's pretty common for normal people.

It really should be a huge wake-up call to her; she's the living embodiment of "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you."


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Its as if she is glorifying being pathetic. To abandon basic human movement voluntary for the sake of shoveling food down their maw is quite astonishing. If she continues down the path she is on now she won't have to worry about outrunning anything at all due to diabetes claiming her feet as sacrifice.

Get into working out dont be like this woman who wallows in mediocrity. My mom is 70 and has always been thin but is now just starting to lift weights. Its only been 9 months and she is already seeing a difference in not only appearnce but also strength.


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The video started and I thought, “well, she doesn’t look that fat..” A few seconds later: “Aaaargh! ha ha ha!”


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Here is another ham trying to ridicule humans and shitting itself instead.


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"How hard can it be".

-Sheham when it caught someone admiring the fitgirl video.

"I basically did the same thing."

-Sheham after whatever-that-was


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This should be a wakeup call to them. These videos were inspired by the delusion that its fat is not holding it back that badly. Its total failure to emulate the fit girl should make it realise how much it struggles with even the most basic human movements. Should any emergency happen, it should be terrified because it will be absolutely useless. It can't even stand up without assistance.


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Yup. It looked like a turtle on its back.


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Lost it at the fact that the momentum of the body suddenly comes to a halt because of the huge mass. "I can't get up without my hands" is fucking pathetic. Hopefully it breaks an arm or two so it can comes to terms with the fact that fat is unhealthy, debilitating and disgusting to look at.


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I only saw the preview stills and thought you guys were nuts. Then I saw that they were videos and I wish I could unsee that.

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