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I don't post to this sub, but this particular thread was linked to the front page and right away the title struck me as odd. I know you guys don't like fat people, but when you see one at the gym, doesn't making fun of them contradict the point of this subverse? I mean, you want people to stop being fat, so when you see one there trying to fix the problem, shouldn't you feel good, knowing that they're making the effort to not be fat anymore?


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"doesn't making fun of them contradict the point of this subverse?" Ah hem, it is called "fatpeoplehate". This is not a weight loss sub.


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It's a terrible way for people in the overweight or obese range to lose weight. Their primary issue comes from what they eat. And just making themselves more hungry and exhausted isn't going to help that. Similar thing with putting a hundred or more pounds of fat onto already straining joints. Especially since most of them already have issues properly guessing caloric intake.

Then on top of that, most resources dramatically overestimate caloric burn for various exercises. Even something one would think of as pretty accurate like fitbit or the like is still usually more a guestimate at best.

Gyms can be a good place for skinnyfats in the healthy BMI range to drop excess pounds. They usually need tweak their diets. But for the most part they're usually doing things more or less right. But it's just a waste of time for overweight and obese people. I mean I've been jogging for years. And in that time I've seen fat joggers jump in. Time, and time, and time again. I've never once seen any of them stick it out. Despite the fact that they'll often get a tremendous amount of encouragement.

Obesity isn't an issue of not working out. It's an issue of eating too much of the wrong thing. Time spent in the gym would be put to far better use by investigating healthy food they could make and enjoy long term.


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They shouldn't let themselves get to that state. It is like trying to put out a forest fire when 95% of the trees have burned down. Sure, you might save the rest, but the damage has been done, the health effects are evident and the saggy old excess skin will be a constant reminder.