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Especially on Reddit, you are only allowed to have opinions from the approved list of opinions. If yours goes against the established hive mind, you will be turned against and called the worst person in history. I don't believe most people on Reddit honestly believe what they post, they just do it because they know it is popular and will get "karma" and they love virtue signalling. No one looks at a fat piece of shit like that and feels sympathy. People just say that because that is what you are supposed to say. It's the same as offering condolences when you don't give a shit about who died, when you're supposed to say "confident" in regards to a lardbarge in a bikini, or when you say "there's someone for everyone" to people who are objectively ugly and shitty people who are single for damn good reasons. People don't want the truth, they want comforting lies, and it annoys me. Even if you just say "I don't give a shit" and speak for what everyone is thinking, you will be called a bad person. Apparently what makes a good person is someone who lies through their teeth to avoid telling anyone what they really feel.

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Great observations. I wonder what happened to the days where it was "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything" instead of lying about shit. That's how I usually operate.

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Because our media and culture these days teaches us--or tells us--that certain groups are to be protected at all costs and that truth, facts, and reality are offensive. Because there is a certain type of fascist very prevalent these days: fascists who pretend they are caring and inclusive and intelligent but will ruthlessly attack anyone who steps a foot out of line. Because (and I am not religious, but this ios still how I see it) since religion has been chased out of every aspect of public life, "progressivism" has become a religion, and its adherents are the most fanatical on the planet (okay, ISIS/fanatical Muslims are worse because they actually commit murders and terrorism in the name of their beliefs, but progressives applaud that shit as if innocent people deserve it simply for being white and/or Western, so it's a very close race). As others have said, it's virtue-signaling of the highest order, combined with the prevalent belief that having any expectations of people is wrong and that Western values of hard work and self-determination are evil.

I often hang out on a website for work advice. The readership is largely progresso-fascist: you know, they hate free speech and think that "Free speech means you not only get to say what you like, but that it's kind of bullshit for people to be made the target of hate mobs and death threats for saying, for example, fatties should lose weight," is a "childish" view of free speech; they refused to believe a black person who said a situation she was in was not racist and told her she didn't understand racism; they like to discuss how racist and evil America/ns are all the time; they consider themselves far superior to other Americans; they believe Christianity is in itself offensive and disgusting, and anyone who expresses religious views or is religious is called a moron for believing in big Daddy in the Sky; that kind of thing. Basically, they're a bunch of hateful bigots who pat themselves on the back for how open-minded and smart they are, and fascists who accuse those who believe in individual rights of fascism.

Anyway. Today there was a question about a person who believes she is in a romantic relationship with a cartoon character. She keeps a picture of this character on her desk and tells everyone it's her boyfriend. She describes the dates they go on and shows pictures of said dates, which are pictures of her holding a cartoon drawing. The cartoon drawing is also printed on a full-body pillow, and this person has pictures of her snuggling with it. If anyone tells this person that her boyfriend is not real, she becomes semi-hysterical.

The comments were full of "That poor girl," and "This isn't that weird, leave her be," and, my favorite, "Perhaps her co-workers should be given some sort of training where they're told they should be sensitive to her feelings and it's her thing so she should be allowed to believe whatever she wants."

Training. The suggestion was made that a group of grown adults be brought into a room and "trained" to go along with this weirdo's creepy delusion; the suggestion was made that not only would it be wrong for a grown adult to point out that another grown adult has an imaginary husband, but that it should be made a condition of their keeping their jobs--an official policy of their workplace--that everyone go along with the weirdo's delusion.

Again, this from someone who will openly mock Christians for believing in god (but only Christians, of course, who are also misogynistic; there's nothing wrong with a certain other religion that mutilates women's vulvas, forces them to wear head-to-toe sheets, won't let them drive or have bank accounts, and forces them into marriage at fourteen. Oh no, how dare we judge that religion!), when frankly it makes a lot more sense to believe in a religion than it does to believe an anime character is a real person in a sexual relationship with you.

Sorry for the long rant, but it's just so ridiculous and infuriating. We live in a world where people who live better than any humans have ever lioved on this planet spend all of their time screeching about imaginary "oppression," and are so eager to prove how cool and Woke they are that they think it is the responsibility of adults to coddle the creepy delusions of other adults and you're a mean and awful person if you refuse to do so.

That site is becoming a toxic place, because that's what any place heavily peopled with SJWs becomes. They are toxic, they're hateful fascist bigots, and because our media is largely made up of them that's the only viewpoint we ever see--and it's presented as reasonable and correct, no matter how many facts have to be covered up or how many lies have to be told to present it that way.

And they're all fat and miserable in addition to being hateful fascists, so of course "fat is beautiful! It's guhnetick!" is another lie they push. They hate America, they hate the West, and they are doing their damndest to destroy it.

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Upvoted. All the fat acceptance idiocy stem from the same cultural soup of the things you had speak about. We live in a feminized society,like a kindergarten in which the edges have to be covered because the babies could get hurt. People can't stand different opinion and defend their beliefs so much because they wrap them with their ego. It's happen even here.

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This was beautifully written. It could have been twice as long and still enjoyable. I can't agree more.

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Well, thank you! Your posts are always beautifully written, as well, if I may say so.

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Don't apologize for the long rant - that was a great read, and I definitely agree with a lot of those points! You're right, in the end it's not just about fat people, but about a cultural effort to have everyone speaking the same 'correct' opinions.

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They are either fat themselves or bleeding hearts

It's not just fats, but basically anyone, even someone who doesn't consider themselves as going through hardship, these damn bleeding hearts get all teary eyed and start treating them like an infant. It's some sort of mothering instinct, but totally misplaced and unrestrained. And with the all out war on masculinity in the culture at the moment, it is not tempered by its natural opposite as it should be.

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There is no war on masculinity, there is just a ton of effeminate men who blame society for their refusal to do masculine things. Get off the couch and go live in the real world. You can do whatever you want out there. I know, I know, on TV and the internet it seems that way, but it's time to put the screen down and go interact with people. If you feel attacked, you are doing it to yourself snowflake.

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Keep in mind, most of the commenters were probably also fatties, statistically speaking. If they sympathize with other fatties, it means that they are all victims of circumstance and not of their own disgusting choices. This allows them to continue to reeeeee about how the world should conform to them instead of them even making the absolutely slightest attempt to be productive, useful members of society.

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Western culture is now pathologically compassionate. Listen to Jordan Peterson's lectures about compassion to understand what that means. The obesity epidemic isnt the only modern issue stemming from this, either.

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I love Jordan Peterson! Damn, this post started out as a typical rant and it's gone on to discussing society - who says all we do is hate fat people?

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We are very deep thinkers. :-)

(Actually, we kind of are; there are few places anymore that hold on to objective truth and allow people to speak their opinions freely without fear.)

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Reddit :: People

Choose one.

All joking aside, in reddit, if you don't push their narrative you get censored. See: FPH history. There's a reason we are all on voat now.

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I remember years ago when The View came on the air, I wondered aloud how anyone could watch a group of women sit around and discuss their opinions. My dad answered. Shows like The View are social training for women. It shows a meticulously diverse hen party clucking the issues that might come up in their viewership's own mindless clucking, and teaches the acceptable opinions one is allowed to have. Sympathy, outrage, cynicism, bemusement are demonstrated all. Inoffensive methods of disagreement are presented.

Reddit is the internet equivalent of The View. Opinions are democratized so that its readers can learn which ones are correct and which ones are not. Dissent is drowned out in a sea of downvotes. Participants are rewarded for ostracizing nonconformity.

As much as society has changed over time, so much of it has stayed the same. If burning people at stakes were still legal, it would be a regular feature on The View. On the internet, doxing followed by intense and highly visible shaming occurs. Just the other day we saw a doxed middle school teacher lose her job and face widespread ridicule in the media because her opinions are different than the mainstream. She's another casualty in the war of ideas that must have a winner, as are we.

We are fighting a guerilla war against gorillas. hippopotami, and other manner of degenerate flesh golems who threaten the aesthetics of the human race and its ability to feed eight or nine billion people, 70% of whom eat for three.

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We're in an era where offending someone can just about ruin your life more than committing murder, so anyone smart enough to think logically about the situation is just going to keep their head down, or vent anonymously on a board like this to protect themselves. That means it just leaves the dumb ones to not think about it and go "hooman sad, that no good, I say I think it bad so others think me good person"

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We went from "public shaming is acceptable because those who have done/are doing wrong should feel bad," to "if you are not 100% sensitive to others feelings you should off yourself."

When photos/video began 100+ years ago there were no fat people. We all know the reasons why and although our lifestyle can be less physically challenging we make a choice to become less physically active and eat poorly. No one is forcing anyone else to eat another ice cream bar.

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