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Right? Go check out pics from the 70's. You'll see very few fats.

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I see more men with dadbods than I do like that 600 lb guy, but it's still gross. Fat women are everywhere though. Why do women get so fat?

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People actually celebrate and encourage this shit nowadays. With all this "Love all your curves, girl" and "You go girl, eat that whole cake!" and all these fat dudes running around parading this "Dad bod" bullshit. It's fucking disgusting.

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It really is gross. Have you ever seen that BBC documentary where they do an autopsy on an obese woman? Very interesting stuff.

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It's corporate brainwashing. Millennials think that the 80s and 90s were highly commercialised because the commercials were obvious commercials. Meanwhile not knowing that Starbucks being in the news weekly is not really news. Haes yo!

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Usually from eating the same serving sizes as their dadbod level boyfriends/husbands. Take an upper level overweight or lower level obese guys caloric intake and then subtract about five inches worth of daily caloric burn. You get someone who'll quickly go full planet.

Just eyeballing it skews things a bit though. Fat men tend to sit in that dadbod level where it's easier to overlook in a crowd if you're not actually looking. Where fat women tend to quickly enter into full planet levels of fat. Much more noticeable, but also giving a false impression of the overall percentages.

If you go by BMI alone there's not even a single state in the US that has normal sized men as a slight majority in their gender. I don't think that there's even any with a 50/50 split. Where there's a few with women in the healthy BMI as a slight majority in their gender. But it gets easier to really hone in on when you look at overfat percentages rather than BMI. With that you get a two to one difference. With only 20% of women in the healthy range. But only 10% of men in the healthy range.

Men let themselves go more often, but it's compensated for to an extent by a higher overall BMR. In the past it wouldn't matter as much because stomach size and calories tended to relate to each other more strongly. But with empty calories a tall man and a short woman can usually eat around the same amount of junk food and soda. But the extent to which each is going over their caloric need can be extremely different.

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My husband is an awesome dad, is almost 50 has a six pack and muscular arms and shoulders, is still a 28” waist. His body looks the same now as it did twenty years ago! How is it possible that being a dad didn’t turn him into a mindless garbage eating blob.

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Being a man with a 28 inch waist is harder than you think. First, good luck finding a proper fitting pair of pants. Worse yet I don't go a week without hearing "you need to eat more". Fats love telling me how skinny I look and that I'm unhealthy. I take my shirt off and I can see the definition in my muscles. Fats can't tolerate their own body so they try to shame healthy peoe to make themself feel better.

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why it's even called dadbod tough, I tought only women gain weight in a pregnancy?

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I couldn't say.

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Holy fucking hell!

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That can’t be real. Please god, it’s a shop.

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You denied reality. Congradulations.

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At the same time, the fats didn't just come out of nowhere. The normal sized people of the time usually weren't that way out of devotion to health and fitness. They were just today's fat brained people who hadn't been introduced to soda yet. Find any massively fat area today and check out live news coverage from the early 80s or so. You see all the red flags of skinnyfats who'll go full planet one day. And you can just hop forward in the age range from those older pictures to see how the slim people from those times held up into their golden years.

I'm not going to try to claim that we're in a good place right now as a society. But I do think that we're growing on both extremes of the health range. The middle ground is getting more sparse and people are drifting to either very unhealthy or very healthy. People in the recent past didn't have many in that massively unhealthy range. But they also didn't have many in the very healthy extreme either. Even people with a moderate fitness routine now would be considered a crazy health nut in the 70s. And in the 80s people were for the idea of fitness, but were coming at it with some pretty flawed ideas on how to get there.

We're in a very shitty spot societally right now. But I don't think it's a drop or regression. It's a shitty but inevitable phase when society as a whole is presented with the consequences of lifestyle choices. The people of the recent past weren't making the right choice there. It's instead that for the most part the choice wasn't really available to them yet.

Take almost anyone from those times and put them into the present and they'll get fat. We know because that is what happened when empty calories became more widely available.

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It is scary that it has happened so fast. Such a massive shift has happened within a single person's lifetime. This is why I find it so strange that no one seems to notice or care. People exploded in front of our eyes. Why aren't people up in arms about it? Everyone is so fat! How do you not see it?

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I'm from a generation of fats being freaks. We need that generation again.

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In reference to men, being weak is not viewed as bad. In fact, being an overly emotional wimp is viewed as a good thing. Thanks pop culture!

Discipline and focus have been put aside in favor of instant gratification and entertainment. Wanna bench more? Here is a youtube video of a cat shitting itself. Wanna do something intellectually challenging? Order a 5 dollar pumpkin coffee so that you can seem like you're sophisticated (but you're not).

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Pumpkin coffee?

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes

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Tfw the chance of finding a qute, petite hippie gf is inversely proportional with the population, i.e. shrinking. :(

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