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I love it when their obvious lies are obvious. 3 hours? OK, sure, follow me, youfatfuck. We'll start with 30 minutes of stretching and calisthenics, including lots of jumping jacks. Next, a dozen pull-ups. Then we'll run 4 miles. After that, we'll hit the gym for an hour of lifting, lots of squats and deadlifts. No need to overdo it, just put your body weight on the bar. Now let's run 4 more miles. That should leave us about 20 minutes for stretching and warm-down, and a nice 10-minute plank to finish up. Wow, that was fun! See you tomorrow!

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She gets way more than three hours of exercise a day. You have to add up all of the cardio she's getting from going back and forth between the couch and the fridge, then combine it with all of the lifting she does getting the food up to her mouth. It's a never ending process that consumes every minute of her day.

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Wow that's cool. I usually get in around 28 hrs of workouts per week. That means around 1456 hours of workouts per year. Each year has around 8736 hours. That means I spend 16.6% of my time maintaining a BMI of 19.37. It's not hard or time consuming to workout. As it can be seen, it only takes a exercise and healthy eating to be the size you want to be.

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How dafuq does anyone not being paid to be an athlete have time to work out 4 hours a day??? Assuming you don't take a rest day.

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I'm on swim team so I have two hour practices every day. I also work out on my own in the mornings. I get 5-7 hours of sleep every night because I get up early to do schoolwork.

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I was thinking the same thing... that's intense.

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That's what I'm sayin. Dude says, "It's not....time consuming to workout". Wth?

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28hrs a week for workouts? There are weeks in which I don't get that much in total for sleep!

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28 hours per week??? Do you mean a month because that's roughly 4 hours per day? If it's 28 hours per month, that's only 3.8%

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No it's per week. I work out for two hours in the morning and I have swim practice for two hours in the evening.

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I'm the rare breed that has an obese BMI (30 @ 5'5" damn being short) and I work pretty damn hard to build a lot of muscle naturally. I work out about 20-22 days a month and including all my socializing, stretching and occasional cardio, I'm rarely at my gym for more than 2 hours and typically in and out in 90 minutes. This adds to roughly 400 hours a year or roughly 7% out of a typical 16-hour awake shift.

So a mere 7% of my life to have longevity, health, nice arms, abs, confidence, and everything that comes with exercise. Fats watch 5 times more TV a day than it takes me to maintain 13% body fat.

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Fat people claiming to “work out three hours a day” are the same fats are your local gym who are always lumbering along on a treadmill at well below average walking speed for maybe an hour and a half, not giving a fuck that they’re pointlessly hogging the machine and blocking the people who actually came there to work up a sweat. By the time they’ve had enough “exercise,” they will have burned off 200 calories at most, and then they will go out and reward themselves with a 1200 calorie Beetus Frappé syrup-and-whipped-cream mess in a cup because they “deserve” it.

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This. I could get on the elliptical right now and have a 'three hour workout' walking it at the lowest resistance and wouldn't even break a sweat. These are the same fats that can't wait to tell everyone about 'their first marathon' to prove how HAES they are, when in actuality it was a half-marathon and they fucking walked it. If you can't do a thing, fuck self improvement! Just stretch the definition of the thing to also encompass an inferior thing that you can do.

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I'm at the gym for about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the day. Not once have I seen a ham arrive and work out for longer than I do. They literally do like two things then walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes.

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Who do they think they're fooling? It's funny because I see fats at the gym all the time, and even the ones who actually do a workout never get any smaller. Even if we were to believe you, you'd still be overfeeding enough to overcome that amount of exercise! That's far more shameful than eating like a human and being sedentary. It probably considers walking to the fridge its workout, and since it's so big it actually takes 3 hours to get there and back 30 times a day.

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Seriously, whenever a ham claims to work out even over an hour and a half a day I immediately think, bullshit. You either commit once every 3 weeks (if that) or you literally just eat too much shitty food every day. This is why I don't believe in cheat meals. You either go strict dieting or don't bother at all because hell knows you won't put in the work to justify any cheat meals. The reason why they're fat in the first place. (You as in the hams, not you Redkraken. )

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It would have to eat an amazing about of food to maintain this huge weight working out 3 hours a day - but who is this fat kidding, no way it works out every day, much less 3 hours.Lying fat.

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they just flat-out lie

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I'm right there with you. I try to hit 50 miles per week. 6-8 per day on weekdays, with a 13.1 - 21 on the weekend (other day is rest).

Training for a BQ in April. I'm in the worst qualifying group (M 18-34) so I need a sub 3:05 (3:02 to be safe)!

I spend about an hour average running per day. I'm training to compete in an event that puts me in the top 1% of marathon runners (which are already the top 1 or 2% of Americans in terms of fitness).

People around the office generally consider me the running nut. When these out of shape co-worker gym bro's/gal's engage me in conversation about fitness, they're astonished when I tell them I'm spending only about 8-10 hours/wk working out total, including getting ready, warming up, and showering after. About 8% of waking hours. When they tell me they're hitting the gym every day for 2 hours, I throw the astonishment back at them: "Wow, you're literally working out twice as much as me!" The message I'm trying to send them is this:

  • Look at you. You're out of shape. Overweight. You're claiming to do 2x the training I am, and I'm running marathons for fun. You're either completely full of shit, you're doing everything wrong, or you're sitting around wasting space at the gym.

I have one co-worker fitness girl who uses the company gym every day - and I shit you not she's on the elliptical watching TV for 30 minutes with the resistance set to 0. ZERO. Why?!

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I'm aging out of the 18-34 gulag this year, but with the way things are going, 3:10 is becoming a 3:05. On a favorable course I'm probably in 3:20-3:25 shape after about 4k total miles ran. The only dude I personally know who BQ'd with a 3:02 is 24 and ran a 16:50 something 5k a couple of weeks ago - and even he failed his second attempt on the same course by almost 15 minutes. Mad props if you pull it off. That is a seriously legit time. BQ is the only instance in which I wish I were a woman.

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I'm aging out too. Next year. April 2018 really is my last chance to make it without the age handicap. I'm probably at about a 3:15-3:20 if I had to run it tomorrow (very flat course), but I'm hoping that dropping 12 or so lbs and pace training will get me the rest of the way. I've been running my half marathons as training runs, and I'm around 1:35. I know it's a long way to go - but if I can get the half down to 1:27, I should be ready for a sub 3:05 full.

I'll let you know if I pull it off ;). Let me know the same - maybe we'll meet up in Boston for a post-race beer.

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