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[–] EvilQueen 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago 

What the fuck do sloping dunes of lard have to do with lesbian and gay studies? God I hate that just because a bunch of fat fucks outgrew any hope of determining their own gender they think they're all queer by default. Although I'm honestly surprised this one isn't REEEEing about how it ended up being dehumanised/fetishised because its head has been cropped out of the picture (sadly not owing to its literal decapitation).


[–] aaronC 11 points 2 points (+13|-11) ago 

Leftist bait. They want people to be pissed off and harass them so they can go

wow look everyone hates me because I'm gay! We have to stop homophobia!

It's what leftists do. It's why they have those ridiculous pride parades too. To get people angry so they can "defend" themselves against these people who "hate them for what they are", not what they do.


[–] EvilQueen 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

No, it's what stupid self-righteous people allergic to personal responsibility of all political affiliations do. I just resent the hyper-inclusive aspect of the LGBT community for inviting the preponderance of obnoxious hams that make finding other human lesbians more of eyesore-laden chore than it needs to be.