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[–] Sarcastatron_9000 12 points -12 points (+0|-12) ago  (edited ago)

If she lost a hundred pounds she'd be a really great dancer, I think. I often wonder about people like's obvious that she loves to dance, so why not take better care of her body so she can do what she loves?? Why be content with being so huge when it's holding you back?


[–] Deathstalker 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

They'd still be 200+


[–] Sarcastatron_9000 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

Yeah, I think I was too conservative in my estimate. She could probably lose at least 150 and still be curvy.


[–] Woodchuck78 [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Honestly, they have a sense of entitlement because of the HAES stuff. She is "proving fatties are just as hot and can move," rather than being an actual human. It's sad.