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Ralphie May was goddamn hilarious. Watch this 15 minutes if you really need convincing. It was an all black theater, that had a lineup of all black comedians, along with Ralphie May. I don't know if you've ever been to an all black comedy show before, but they're just savages. They will relentlessly boo and heckle literally any goddamn person that doesn't make them laugh right off the cuff. It's a notoriously hard crowd to please, and Ralphie walked onstage and brought the house down.

If I remember correctly, they were recording that concert, and whomever got the biggest laughs would then get to headline the DVD. Here's this 500lb white southern boy, probably just about the easiest person to heckle, and he instantly won the crowd over and had them laughing for 15 minutes straight. There's not a wasted line in that entire bit. A 500lb white guy went into a room of mainly black people, and he told a bunch of racist black jokes, but made them laugh. That's talent. If I remember correctly, this was the 15 minutes that made him into a star.

Ralphie was a fantastic comedian and I wish he would've cared enough about his own body to not die at 45 years old. As strange as this sounds, just this past Monday I was wondering how the fuck he was still alive. I even went so far as to Google him, just be sure he hadn't died. As untimely as his death is, this absolutely isn't unexpected. I'll miss him.


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That was pathetic. Put down after put down by a fat fuck who thought he could judge. Ugh. Lord Beetus has chosen wisely.


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Fair enough assessment. His comedy definitely wasn't for everyone. I disapprove of his lifestyle, but I loved his comedy.


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I see plenty of non-black people there. Or am I misunderstanding what "all black theater" is?


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so what you are saying is you had gay homo feelings for this tub of Crisco?