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I am no religious fanatic... Religion is a set of rules made by people to subjugate other people. I am a bit of a God fanatic though, but I have good reasons.... Have seemingly been miraculously saved in crazy moments a bunch of times... And there were visions/odd breaks in continuuity that accompanied them.

There are outside sources, even atheistic/agnostic ones, citing that those people actually lived.

The bible is a nuanced, altered, many-authored document subject to extreme scrutiny by a huge number of disagreeing scholars... HAES is literally just, "Health at every size" for fats only.

It is no surprise to me that you have no faith if your brain is so addled that you find the two equivalent. Or perhaps you've just got a different faith, but my suspicions are that you're an atheist. Well guess what is equivalent with HAES in terms of logic? Singularity with no cause. According to science, any causal relationship before time existed would be an impossibility, right?


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How can you sit there talking about supernatural situations, visions & a magical being who created everything, then question my logic?

You don't have a single shred of testable evidence which you can consistently re-produce to prove your claims, so it is nonsense. Just because you don't know how something works doesn't mean "god did it"

There is as much supporting evidence for santa clause as there is for god


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Don't feed this unverified fat piece of shit. It's already eaten enough.


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Great rebuttal to the superstitious twaddle.

My pedantic nature compels me to suggeat that MORE evidence, from a wider variety of sources exists to support the existence of Santa.

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Sorry about the downvotes, pal. :/