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lol I was gonna say something but all 3 top comments caught on to that last gem there


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"Those banned surgeries, by the way, include knee and hip operations—things you’d think have nothing to do with your waistline."

Right, because your weight will have absolutely no impact on your knees and hips. Therefore there's no reason to believe that an extra 50 pounds would result in poor recovery from surgery in those areas.

"wealthy people tend to be skinnier, while poorer people tend to be larger"

This point was followed immediately by:

"By looking at students who owned cars, researchers discovered that obese kids were less likely to get financial assistance from their parents when buying their first vehicle than their skinnier counterparts."

Which one is it, fuckstick? You just said that poverty results in fatter people, so why is it suddenly "muh discriminashun" when fat people can't help their piglets buy cars?

"but it’s totally possible to be both heavy and in robust health, which is at least part of the reason sumo wrestlers don’t all drop dead at the age of 20"

Sumo wrestlers aren't exempt from the health impacts of their fat just because "reasons". They still die earlier than average and I'm sure instead of dropping dead, they have a long list of ailments and issues that plague them until they kick it.

"In every single country monitored, obesity had become associated with laziness and a lack of self-control"

I love a happy ending.


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I stopped reading after the knee & hip surgery line. Common sense clearly does not exist with this author....


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I love a happy ending.

Me too :')


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Yes, that's right, we do discriminate against fat people. And? They deserve it for being fat. I can in fact think of several ways we could discriminate harder because they still very much have it too easy. Even if we did not have a mountain of objective, scientific, and financial reasons to treat them as less than, we still should just because they are disgusting. I do not see the problem here.

And there’s not a thing you can do about it.

I like how it finished with this. The whole idea is based on the fact that they can do something about it, and they can do it whenever they want. If you don't like discrimination, stop being fat. This is simple stuff.


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Gotta remind all those other crabs not to leave the bucket otherwise they'll start to feel bad about how disgusting they are


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We can't have people realising they are in control of their life and that they can be happy and fulfilled by taking positive action.

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Discrimination against men is one that is often gone unnoticed.


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So first they reeeee that doctors are biased towards fatties, but then claim that they wouldn't trust a fat doctor.

Fat logic just blows my fucking mind sometimes.


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10: Doctors dont want to help save someone actively killing themselves. Banning surgery may have something to do with obesity increasing the risk of infection.

9: there is not much i can say about this, it seems to be true. (good)

8: People dont want to give obese people a position in management, I dunno maybe because if you cant set an example for yourself how are you going to lead other people?

7: Welfare. The government hates fat people because they cost the government money ~$180 Billion per year. (Healthcare)

Also the 60% data- Had a look at that, SURPRISE the author is being dishonest

'60% of men had excessive levels of internal fat'

this is caused by poor diet and too little exercise. Fat around your organs is useful, but in excess is most likely not good. Also just completely ignore

'experts believe BMI is a reliable measure of health'.

6: Cause and correlation? the percentage of people in america that are obese is rising, so you tend to see more obese people being homeless.

38% of american adults are obese, 32% of homeless people in Boston are obese

(Is this statistic for obese homeless people in Boston or america in general?) because the percentage of obese people in Massachusetts (in 2012 the time this survey was taken) is only 23% which is significant.

5: 'Fat people are inherently lazy' That... That's the point.


Scouts banned children with a BMI over 32 from joining.

So class 2 obesity, they are sending a message; don't be obese.

Also sumo wrestlers yeah they tend to have knee problems, they on average live 10 years less than the average Japanese male, they develop issues later in life, and most importantly sumo wrestling is a sport and they train intensively for it.

3: bullying. We dont like fat people (kinda the point of FPH) but that image is not helping. No matter how much you warp space time around you society wont change. You'd think everyone knows being obese is not good but some land whales...

2: 'Lead by example' Just like how I wont take life advice from a homeless drug addict with aids multiple felony's and 7 children.

1: we hate fat people. good


6:Percent of people obese and Massachusetts obesity rate

7: Cost of obesity


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And... Despite all of those reasons to not be fat, the writer just chooses to put the blame on the institutions rather than make the logical conclusion of the article, which should be to not get fat.


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I like that list.

Hey lurking fatties, don't like it? EAT LESS FOOD SO YOU STOP BEING FAT. Yes, it really is that simple.

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