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Whatever you do don't fuck her. That will compromise her position in divorce court/society/etc and your friendship. May affect job and your own opinion of yourself. Continue taking the high road.

Fucking whales ruin everything.

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No worries there, no way in hell is it happening. She's hot as hell, but she's still married and I'm not doing the whole affair thing. I also don't wanna complicate a really good friendship. Agreed about whales being total garbage, there's a reason I shitlord openly without restraint.

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open shitlording is the only way to go. it's not like you're lying or anything. the truth hurts.

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Stay away from both of them. Nothing but trouble.

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"...BOTH of them..."

This. These things are NEVER as one-sided as they appear. There's at least a 90% chance that she's every bit as psycho as he is, so don't take anything at face value. (Words to live by: "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.") And for the love of all that's holy, OP, stop letting married women spend the night at your house. Frankly, he's justified in accusing her of sleeping with you based on that alone... which may have be the effect she was trying to achieve. Don't get sucked into her/their drama - nothing good is likely to come of it.

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I'm starting to get that vibe based off the comments in here. I definitely don't need excess bullshit in my life considering I'm already pretty bogged down with grad school and all that entails as well as work. I appreciate the words of wisdom, definitely something I should start including. Not really keen on dropping a friend though as she's been a lot of fun to do my morning hike with and everything, but this shit is a lot more drama than I usually wrap myself up with.

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Best advice of the thread. Drama like this will either send you to the poor house, the insane asylum or the morgue.

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"He's cheated on her five times (that she knows of), beats her pretty frequently, does a lot of drugs (he really likes to do them in front of his kid)"

"threatening to put her head through a wall... again"

"he started calling her a whore in front of their kid, smacked her a few times, and accusing her of cheating on him"

You know what, regardless of being a shitlord, thank fuck she's getting out of that. Abusive relationships usually only get worse, there's a high probability of death, and on top of that the kid could end up really fucked up emotionally for life. Well done, and make sure you and others support her

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Her family is actually really supportive. Parents are very wealthy, sister is well-off, and she herself is pretty financially stable because she has a good job (her husband does mooch like a mofo though). I don't feel bad for this split at all, I'm pretty sure he'd have ended up killing her when he was coked out or something eventually. Hopefully she'll be able to take full parental rights. The dude is a mad man.

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Basically, he's projecting and act like she''s as bad as him. Common fatty behavior.

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Why the fuck would she want you to meet him? It makes zero sense. Maybe for attention and pity? Why wouldn't she just leave him first and then start a new relationship with you? She sounds like a whore to me. For attention at least.

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He was getting upset over the fact that we were spending time and she thought it may calm him down. She did love the guy, they've got mad issues. Regardless, I don't want any type of romantic relationship with her. I'm just her friend.

EDIT: She was mainly staying with him because she was worried about the impact of not having a father on her kid... I think she finally realized that no father is better than that.

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Why would she think that his fat ass meeting your fine ass would calm him down? She was trying to start trouble before she left him. 100%

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Why was critias banned for this convo? Duress56 is an asshat

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That's what I thought from the beginning (more or less). She knew when the hambeast would meet her friend, it would go crazy. IMHO she just used OP to cause more drama and finally get rid of the hambeast, using a pretext. I am glad that she is out of the abusive relationship, but she could've just ditched him long ago when things started going bad. Her and her child being safe is more important than a "fatherly" figure in the house.

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This reads like a soap opera. You're the young naive guy and she is the "mature" woman trying to get rid of her ugly husband. She played it well.

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get a self-esteem and don't lust after dumpster fires. So what that you're attracted to her, she's a mess. She's not ever going to not have a kid either. Your thinness has nothing to do with the fact he's physically abusing her. Stop insisting on being the center of attention and get her some help for abused women.

[–] Melvino [S] 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago  (edited ago)

I never said I was attracted to her and have stated multiple times in this thread I'm not interested in her. She's told me she's interested in me in the past, but I made it clear that we would never get to that stage. I'm not interested for a lot of reasons, honestly. I've already supported her plenty in this, amigo. I made myself the center because according to her husband's own words I was what broke the camel's back and caused his whole blow up at their house just for being thinner than him. The dude is fucking nuts and she's got some serious family issues.

You realize people can just be friends right?

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Dude, you're naive. People can be friends but not after she's already told you she liked you more than just a friend. She's definitely hoping for more between all those"morning hikes" and letting married women sleep at your place is just calling for trouble. You better get yourself out of that mess fast

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You might want to get your locks changed, because that sounds like the kind of psychotic fucker who would go through her texts and browser history, find your address and meet you at home with a weapon.

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Ironically, she just left and we were just talking about how unstable he was and the probability of him doing this. I live in an apartment complex that requires a number code to get in at all. She doesn't know the code so he shouldn't either. Besides, he doesn't know what number my apartment is. I still am a little sketched out though. Especially considering his drug issues and rage problem...

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He knows where you work, and what you look like. That's enough to find out what apartment you live in with social engineering and just plain stalking.

I don't know how many times I've gotten into a complex without the code and with security. That shit is not legitimate it's just theather.

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He needs to go to jail.

Perhaps report his ass for drugs?

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