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Yeah, right. You're a thin, feminine lesbian. You're 5'5" and I'm guessing ~150lbs. You're a short fat, probably young, so it looks "cute". You probably take dick every time it is offered, as well.

Attractive lesbians don't exist, or are pushing a degenerate, marxist agenda.

Found a fucking unicorn here, fellas!

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Actually, I'd like to know more about this vagina ban. How does one get disallowed from being near vagina? I eagerly await your response.


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Do I? Oh dear. What will I ever do?


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I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of gays and lesbians on voat. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are a pc marxist or a degenerate. Some of us even voted for Trump.


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Sure, buddy. Non-degenerate faggots, that's something I'd like to see. Milo comes close, but even he admits he`s a degenerate.

spez - Trump is a talking hairpiece. The thing I love most about him is he was the best choice. Even he knows that it speaks volumes about the state of our society.