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Yea but why the hostility she doesn't even look fat. In fact she's not even taking the fat people picture angle you know where they selfie from up high so they're looking upward to hide the chin. Unless op saw another picture of her.


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Get out! You don't belong.


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OP's comment above says the beast is a beast. That's why the hostility. Here's some more hostility: You sound fat. You should stop posting stupid shit here. Come back when you're thin and verified.


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lol what I swim like in two 45 min intervals a day.. 4-5 days a week. That's a ton of calories burned and a fucking massive high when you get out of the pool hardly a fatty. Reason I was asking because I was hoping op would post another picture, faggot. "come back when you're thin and verified", You fags are just like twitter verified. I didn't see op's comment.