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First off, it is 1OAK not one oak.

Secondly, this is not a place where just anyone goes. At least the one in NYC caters to a certain clientele, I assume they all do but the Vegas one is a bit more relaxed. You can be skinny and not be let in if you do not look the part. Dress codes are a thing fatty.

Thirdly, these are division A clubs. Do you think Le Bain, Marquee, 1OAK, Avenue or The Box or whatever other clubs you fat fucks reee'd on about would be hot spots if fatties were stinking up the place? Do you think the celebrities sitting in the velvet booths want to see a whale in a mumu? Do you think I want to spend $18 for a gin and tonic on the roof at Le Bain and have to be within a thousand feet of a fatty? No I want to smoke my ecig, look up at the stars and get comfy with the thin people.

Fucking learn your lesson. You are not wanted in clubs. You are not wanted in stores. You are not wanted on this planet. I would suggest you make a club for couch bison but I don't think there are floors strong enough to support all that weight. Leave the partying to the pretty people and fuck off.


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I miss the days of Platinum, Limelight, and The Spa...back then you would never see a fat fuck Ever! Then obesity just kept creeping in slowly but the fact you'll see a few fatties in a top club is insane. What's even more insane is because of whatever reason (daddy's trust fund) they really think they belong in the pretty crowd and act entitled to be treated that way....

Lol you're a real deal clubber it sounds you know Steve Lewis?


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I only go to clubs occasionally, maybe 20 a year, not a huge clubber like a lot of people.

I have never met him but I have seen him. I spent way to much time at Butter and the Darby years back, at least it feels like forever ago. I did see him DJ at the rooftop of the Empire.