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Fatfuck lost weight by eating less and exercising. Now fat again. And it's someone else's fault? Papa John maybe...


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Oh my gods! Your base metabolic rate decreases when you have less mass to support? Holy shit, what witchery is this.


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800 calories a day and 8 hours of exercise a day, nobody can keep that up!

NO FUCKING SHIT! You're not supposed to you fucking cow. That's so you can lose weight at a rate you'll be happy with.

Once you're done losing, you go to a human diet and exercise routine. Net calories to equal your metabolism (which wasn't damaged, you fucktard).

The biggest mistake of my life.

No, the biggest mistake of your life was returning to your piggy ways and expecting non-piggy results. You squandered the one last chance you had at being human.


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Yep, for the rest of her life she's going to be a fat fuck. Namely the next 6-7 years.


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The show isn't being deceptive. It's plainly stated this is a boot-camp. That's pretty much the whole shtick of the show. They have the "drill Sargent" man as one of the judges. (if I remember correctly been awhile since I watched) the show advertises itself as a kick in the ass to lose weight. So getting on here and saying "THEY MADE US EAT 800 CALORIES AND TRAIN FOR HOURS AND HOURS"..... uh, yeah? It's boot-camp. I'm sure the show explained this to you many times and likely made you sign a wavier. I, as just a viewer, would only assume as much that the show was gonna ride you hard. I mean - check out these commercials.

Link 1

Link 2


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Why is it that fats get all this sympathetic media coverage but not one word is said about the teenagers harmed by being on the British, American and German versions of "send these brats to a Troubled Teen camp" shows? If you want to know what "ruins someone's life," look at /r/troubledteens. The former are consenting adults, the latter aren't.


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Once again proving the "no concept of moderation". It's either eight hours if exercise or none. It's either eat all you want or starve.


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These are adults are they not on this show? So no one could speak up or voluntarily leave during the filming if it was so bad? It amazes me how fat people don't send a plate back to the kitchen bc the dish wasn't good until they've cleaned their plate. Or, quit a show that is "harming" them so "horribly". You gained the weight back you fat fuck bc after you left you ate more calories than energy you expended. That fact never changes. I smell someone looking for a payday. You are the only one responsible for gaining your weight back. It's like those lard buckets on "I'm a 600 pound fat ass" that think the surgery will magically transform them and they can just lay in bed and wait for it to work while shoving Big Macs into your mouth. Shut the fuck up bitch.