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[–] BumbleTummy 15 points -12 points (+3|-15) ago 

The New Yorker will tell you as often as they can that they are the best written magazine, ever. Oh, it's true... ;)

Their drawing is based of a image show below. Clearly a lot of exaggeration of features. Honest Journalism at its finest.

Everyone, espeically older people, have weight fluctuation.

Image Image Image Compare To Cover



[–] skittlin 3 points 4 points (+7|-3) ago 

uh even your "he's not so bad" pic is gross


[–] markrod420 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Well obviously he's not as big as the cartoonized version. That's the point of a cartoon. He's still fat. I tried to make a similar point once about his turkey neck which had been massively photoshoped and I was viciously downvoated despite being proven correct by the end. But that was an actual picture. This is a cartoon. Of course it's exaggerated. That's what cartoons do.


[–] trexrunner 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

All I see is pictures of fat, and fat sympathy


[–] lifting_cat 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

There's a little thing called 'satire' don't you know. But I guess a little unflattering commentary and trumptards get all butthurt. Regardless of a little satire or his 'weight fluctuation', his BMI calculations say it loud and clear... he's a fat fuck, a YUGE FAT ASS!!!