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Meals on wheels is generally for the elderly who cannot cook or go to the leave their home due to age related issues. Being happy about individuals (MANY OF WHOM ARE NOT FAT) starving is pretty dark. Maybe look into what the programs that are being cut actually are before you celebrate funding being cut. I highly recommend you watch this video! The segment starts 40 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDqu8tXrQWU (the video is actually funny and interesting I swear, and has some good investigative journalism)


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I've always loved volunteering for similar programs. Can agree that most are not fat, but down on their luck. This is just all kinds of fucked up.


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I thought meals on wheels was primarily for the elderly so it's unfortunate. Fats though, fats can starve far as I'm concerned.


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Reform food stamps instead so fatties stop buying their beetus food.


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https://archive.is/8nIVp | https://vgy.me/xcIOXY.png :

Meals on Wheels could take funding hit in Trump budget - CNNPolitics.com

'Local agencies rely on Community Development Block Grant funds as well as money from the state-administered Community Services Block Grant to fill in the gaps. ', "(CNN) The preliminary outline for President Donald Trump's 2018 budget could slash some funding for a program that provides meals for older, impoverished Americans."

'"We know for certain that there are Meals on Wheels programs that would lose vital funding if this proposal went through."'

'Those who are more ambulatory are fed at local community and senior centers. '

'Almost half of those savings will come by eliminating the $3 billion Community Development Block Grant program, which provides money for a variety of community development and anti-poverty programs, including Meals on Wheels. '

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