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At first seemed to be a gorilla... and was far larger.

Hahaha! Wait...

JD 55 lawn tractor: 266lbs (120kg)

Western Gorilla: 353lbs (160kg)

Whitney Weigh More: 378lbs (171kg)

You weren't kidding.

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Aww, that was really nice of you! But we all know Whitley whale is waaayyy above 400 now!

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You're right. Those are old stats.An obeast will gain 25-30lbs when pregnant with cysts.

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I was just at the zoo this week, looking at gorillas. Idk why seeing that comparison is mind-blowing, but if you are larger than a gorilla... that's crazyfat

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And gorillas are actually big-boned.

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At least gorillas are like solid muscle. Whitney is basically just stressed bones and adipose.

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Agreed! They are hulking masses of bone, sinew, and muscle. Gargantuan naturalhumanoid beasts, and fats weigh more quite often. I hadn't grasped this until now.

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Of course it wants a butterfly.

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Ha. I have heard that artists practice on pig skin and my question was going to be how it compared. Seems like you answered that. Anyway, well done on contributing to the culture of fat discrimination and treating it based on its weight and not as a person. We need more of that.

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  • Hey, painter, can you do me a portrait?
  • Sure, what canvas size?
  • Not on canvas, on this jiggling balloon filled with water.

...I think painters don't envy tattoo artists.

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I feel so bad for the shit tattoo artists have to deal with, especially when it comes to butter beasts. You guys are real troopers.

I love how hammies always want to get the most thoughtless, generic tattoos, too.

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they don't put any thought into what they put in their body, so what makes you think they would care about what they put on it??

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I lost it at "wings looping around to my butt". Honestly though, i can't even imagine how disgusting it would be to tattoo someone with all that loose flab flapping around and having to lift fat out of the way. Next time a fat comes in wanting a tattoo, tell them that hogs can get a tattoo for free at Any Tyson Plant

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Write that in Japanese characters on her next time?

Could even work as a haiku.

Revolting flesh mound.

Feeding cavity and eyes.

Fuck off, tattooed hog.

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Every artist I've gone to, in New England, SoCal, the Midwest, PCB... Have all been pretty happy to work on me, and this explains a lot.

Also, I've noticed a distinct lack of hams getting inked by the more established, I guess would be the word, artists I've gone to, and I'm willing to bet it's for very similar reasons to what you expressed.

As I've had explained to me before, the final product is something both the person being tattoed and the artist should be proud of, and much like fashion, or really anything else, nothing that looks good, tasteful, or stylish on a human will be nearly the same on a ham.

Yeah, there's a lot of fats I've noticed that have ink, and quite a few porkers tattooing, but if it looks good, it's probably neither on a ham nor done by one.

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