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Wow... That Ham is a total trainwreck. Superb stuff.


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These type of women need mental help, not a platform on which to be taken seriously. Goddamnit Tumblr.


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Obnoxious? Check. Disgusting? Check. Delusional? Check. Pain in everyone's ass? Check. And they wonder why we hate them.


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Don't host images on hamgur.


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This brings back memories of my high school overweight weeaboo. I had an art class with her, painting to be exact. The only thing you were required to do in this class was paint. You could paint anything, so long as it fell into what the teacher wanted. If he said a landscape, you picked a landscape and painted it. A portrait, you painted a portrait, etc. This bitch literally drew an anime scene every day in class. Every day was a new character or new scene. The art teacher, which was a super chill guy, would come over and talk with her everyday about how she needed to paint and stick to the assignments. Told her to lay off the anime and focus on painting. She never bought paint supplies the entire time there. She never touched a paint brush. Sent apeshit when he complained about her drawing anime. She eventually made Mr. Chill art teacher flip the fuck out and tell her to get out after being about a month into the class. He had had enough of the anime shit. She failed that class, and not too long after she dropped out of school entirely. I will never understand that girl or the people like her that I have seen over the years.


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Couldn't she paint a landscape with an anime feel to it, like this? If the teacher said "no people" she could just add the figure in after she got the canvas back.


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He didn't want people to use cartoon landscapes or ideas. He wanted us to paint from real life or pictures of real life. No fiction.


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I knew a girl just like this. She got expelled for stealing sulfuric acid from a science room, apparently as self defense because she was afraid of getting raped. She also had a fake girlfriend in california, at first her name was Kathryn, but then she changed it to Alice. She also asked me out the same week she was supposedly proposing to her.


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black jesus approves


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To be fair geometry made me want to slash my wrists too

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