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Holy shit, actual sanity? On Tumblr of all places?! Color me astounded.

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Right? I wonder what the responses were like.

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"You don't know, you're just being ignorant and hateful! I'm perfectly healthy, I ran a marathon and the last time I tried eating less I became anorexic, magically skipping everything in between fat ass and none! I'm going to link you to a blog post that shows how healthy you can be while being obese. They cited studies! It must be true, even if I didn't bother to look at those studies and find out they were shit. Plus, I know I'm sexy because I drew a fat ass being intimate with an incredible healthy man, so there!"

This issue doesn't stop with fats, it's worth remembering that most of these acceptance issues are being argued by children who don't know any better. Fat, race, sex, etc; the anonymity of the Internet means that you also don't know the age of the people you're talking to, and overwhelmingly they are young people with no clue what they are talking about.

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Fatty blocked them and moved on.

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I love it. "It doesn't have a happy ending" just perfectly sums it all up. They're all going to pay for it.

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THIS... Thanks for this post. If I find myself feeling lazy in my workout I go look at pictures and videos of amputations from diabetics... sometimes I need some hardcore motivation because intrinsically I'm a lazy fucker

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I'm a softcore shitlord. I eat fairly healthy, but I could eat healthier. I exercise some, but I could exercise more. Despite this, my BMI is still around 20.

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Oh no, I get it. I'm incredibly lazy, too. I usually end up watching stuff like that as well to make myself actually exercise.

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I am super fortunate to have a seasonal "job" whereby I do a TON of physcal work. I loose like 25 lbs during that season and pack on the muscle then I have like 3 months of being a lazy fuck and I get fat. That is when I need to buckle down... ha ha If it wasnt for that I would be a fatass.... Though that is why I do it. To stay strong and make money at the same time.

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It may not be a happy ending for the fats, but this was a great way to start my day.

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They deserve it.

Edit: the fats, the paramedics dont. Just leave the fats to rot.

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Most beautiful post on tumblr. This needs to be reblogged on every "fat-posi" post ever.

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Hate speech, ban them, silence and no platform them!!!

This disgusting shitlord should not be allowed to spread such information. I'm beautiful just the way I am and these skinny bitches are just jealous of my curves.

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Spot on.

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Smoking too many cigarettes destroys your health. It shouldn't be encouraged.

Shooting up too much heroine destroys your health. It shouldn't be encouraged.

Eating too much food destroys your health. It shouldn't be encouraged.

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